Friday Flowers. May in My Garden. Bearded Iris, Roses and Columbines

Hello and Happy Friday! Today I’d like to share with your pics from my May garden. How is your May going? Can you believe it’s half over already! We are looking at June and full on summer soon!

Cool Spring

Truth be told, this year my spring garden is meh. As in its not my usual “Wow”. I have flowers lots of them, but I usually have so much more. This year in my little hillside abode, the weather has been mostly cool, not too warm, and when its warm its way too hot. I think my garden is just confused. The garden kind of looks more like my fall garden, instead of the abundance of spring time flowers. Still though it looks pretty and full. Here is a look at what’s going on in my garden.

Bearded Iris

Spring is the time for bearded iris to show off. Such majestic flowers these are! This year they’re blooming in a wide array of colors. They prefer shade and cooler temperatures and once established (3 years) they bloom every year with the clump getting bigger and bigger with each passing year.

Roses the lady of the house – I mean lady of the garden


I love columbines with their little bonnet like flowers, they love spring and bloom for a good month long. In my garden I had sprinkled seed pods from two main plants last year, and to my delight the seeds took! This year I have beautiful dancing columbine plants here and there.

That’s a peak at the garden in May. More in June when my lilies start blooming. Until then, happy gardening!

6 thoughts on “Friday Flowers. May in My Garden. Bearded Iris, Roses and Columbines”

  1. Dolly..your garden is so beautiful…the rises are my favourite and do are the rest of them.

    Hope if we come we will see them.

    have a lovely weekend

  2. The most gorgeous blooms! Your garden is beautiful year round – I can’t wait for the June blooms!🌸🌼🌹

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