Celebrating the Supreme Goddess at Navratri 2023

Hello and Happy New Week! I hope you had a good weekend. Today I’d like to share pics from the Indian festival of Navratri which we celebrated recently.

Nine night festival of Navratri

Navratri is celebrated in India in the fall and honors the divine feminine and all her virtues. The festival is observed over nine days with each day celebrating the divine Goddess in all her forms. Goddess of strength, wisdom, knowledge, arts, music, wealth, warrior, fertility, and Mother Earth.

During the nine days ladies get dressed in their finest attire and meet at each other’s homes, partake of food and share in the festivities. Here is a look at our Navratri celebrations with friends and family.

Navratri dinner day 1 at Rupa and Chetan’s

A warm and pleasant fall evening awaited us at Rupa and Chetan’s home on day one of Navratri. A wonderful evening with family, food and ladies all dressed for the evening.

Ladies in their colorful saris

Delicious Mharati style dinner on the menu

Wonderful start to Navratri celebrations

Navratri celebration at Veena’s

Veena’s annual Navratri celebration is legendary – at least in my book 🥰. Veena and her husband Mani observe Navratri in the traditional South Indian Tamil style by creating a display of dolls and souvenirs that depict stories in Hindu mythology. Called Golu, the display is decorated for nine days during the Navratri festival.

All dressed up for Navratri Golu at Veena’s

Navratri Lunch at cousin Uma’s

Our cousin Uma prefers to host Navratri lunch for the family when we get to view her Golu, hangout, and relax over a South Indian Tamil lunch. An annual fall tradition that we look forward to every Navratri.

Uma’s Golu display

Lunch is ready 😋

Selfies with the gals 🥰

Navratri Ashtami Puja at Priya and Vijay’s

On the eighth day of Navratri a celebration called Ashtami puja is observed in honor of Goddess Durga the warrior Goddess. At Priya’s home is where we were treated as Goddesses for the evening in observance of this very special day. Truly a beautiful celebration that I was so honored to be part of!

Folks, us three ladies were Goddesses for the evening and were not allowed to lift a finger! If only we could have this every day LOL.

Getting ready to be served by Priya and Sridevi.

Being treated like Devi’s (Goddesses) at dinner

Family pics to celebrate a beautiful Navratri evening

Post Navratri dinner at cousin Meera’s

Closing out our nine night Navratri festival with dinner at cousin Meera’s home.

Pics in front of Meera’s Golu display

Folks, wonder why these two dolls in orange are laying down?

As it turns out since we were closing out the Navratri celebrations, these wooden dolls who are the main dolls in a Golu display are laid to rest until next year’s Navratri festival.

Family fun and dinner to closeout a beautiful Navratri 2023

Gals get presents 🎁 before heading home

Guys get an apple 🍎 😄😄

Beautiful ending to a beautiful Navratri festival 2023 💕

Hope you enjoyed this year’s Navratri pics celebrating feminine strength and beauty 💖.

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead!

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  1. Wow the celebrations are so wonderful and you all looking stunning as usual ..my warm regards to all there as I know all of them.

    1. Thanks Munni! We have learnt over the years to celebrate Navratri in style in our own simple ways, the best part is getting dressed in saris and spending time with family and friends.

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