Root Vegetable Broth

When my daughter Anjali and I made roasted root vegetables for our Thanksgiving dinner we were admiring the beautiful vegetables being cut for this dish. Honestly, Anjali took forever to cut the vegetables 😀 as she kept stopping to appreciate each vegetable and take some photos of them 😀.




I’m not kidding, Anjali admired this purple carrot with an intense orange interior for over 5 minutes! I had to gently nudge her to move along and keep cutting the veggies 😀.



After cutting a lovely selection of root vegetables that included parsnips, rutabaga, carrots, celery root, radish, potatoes, onions and leeks 😋 we had a big pile of veggie scraps ready to go in the trash. This pile of scraps looked so pretty that we had a hard time getting rid of them. Then on a whim, I asked Anjali to place them all in a giant pot to give making veggie broth a try.



I can honestly say I have never made veggie broth, but here I was ready to make broth with this selection of root vegetable scraps. Anjali and I figured the worst that could happen is the broth sucked, and we could just dump it all.



These veggie scraps were looking so gorgeous even as a veggie broth. Folks, look how beautiful they look!



To our surprise the veggie broth turned out DELICIOUSLY AWESOME!!! It was so good that we had a little cup each of freshly made veggie broth with a little smidgen of butter 😋 🍵.


If you are looking for an awesome recipe to do double duty – try making roasted root veggies, and then use the scraps to make a delectable veggie broth.


Root Vegetable Broth
makes 10-12 cups broth



  • In a large pot add all the scraps from the roasted root veggies – don’t use the tough skins of the potatoes, radish, or rutabaga – all the tops and tough green parts of all the other veggies are fine.


  • Add all the herbs, 1 tbso olive oil and black peppercorns plus 12 cups water.



  • Bring the water to a boil then lower the heat and simmer for 1-hour.


  • After 1-hour turn the stove off and add salt to taste.


  • Let the broth cool completely before transferring to containers and freeze until ready to use.



Roasted root veggies and roasted root veggie broth – a double duty recipe.


14 thoughts on “Root Vegetable Broth”

    1. Yeah, me too – I always throw the veggie scraps away reluctantly. I only made broth with my scraps this time as we had so much but I’ve heard others say they save their veggie scraps in zip loc bag and then make broth once a week with them. I will probably try doing that too! Have fun making broth Mackenzie!!

  1. Hard to believe you have not made broth before 😆
    I usually make a huge pot once and freeze it in containers
    use it for soups i make through the winter

  2. Oh yeah! I bet that was delicious with all those different veggies you put in there. I save all my scraps to practically everything. If I can’t make a big pot of stock right then I put them in a ziplock freezer bag and save them until the next time I’m making stock. Most of the time I add the scraps to bones from a carcass I just baked like chicken. Add it all together and it makes a really nice stock to either freeze or can and use later in recipes.

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