Beaches, Sunsets, Ocean, Fall at Sea Ranch

Hello and Happy Saturday! Hope you had a good week and are ready for the weekend. Today I’l like to share some pics of beautiful beaches and spectacular sunsets at Sea Ranch in Northern California.

Remote working from Sea Ranch

Back in September for Labor Day weekend we had gone to Sea Ranch and stayed with friends Rose and Dave. We had such a wonderful time that we were looking forward to going back. Enter this impromptu October week at Sea Ranch.

We came back for a week this time, and Hitesh, our eldest daughter and her husband all got their work done from here 🍂 🌊 .

Beautiful October by the coast

Cool breeze, warm sunshine and spectacular ocean scenery. Felt like we were on vacation in October even though everyone was working 🌊.

Afternoon walks by the sea

Added bonus was sneaking in afternoon walks by the sea and catching beautiful sunsets in the evening. A perfect work week away from home.

Spectacular Sunsets

October is a great time by the coast as the the skies are dramatic and the sunsets spectacular.

Checking out the beaches

Are you coming? Is what these two asked on one of our walks. Nope! I’ll stay up here and take pictures 😁 I said. Those steps looked too steep leading down to the beach. But man the color of the water is right out of a magazine!

Bowling Ball Beach

Haha when I mentioned going to bowling ball beach to the family they thought we were going to bowl on the beach 😁 🌊 🔮. Actually this beach is called bowling ball beach because of the large round smooth rocks that can be found here.

The “bowling ball rocks” can only be seen during low tide as the rest of the time they are under water. So we had to time our visit to coincide with low tide to see these comical looking spheres on the sand.

Fall inspired dinner and dessert

Our friends Dave and Rose were also at SR the same week doing the same thing – working remotely. On one of the days we got together for dinner. I made roasted veggies and stuffed pasta shells and Rose brought salad and pumpkin coffee cake.

Folks, this menu is perfect for entertaining

This menu is really great for entertaining. The best reason is that everything can be made in advance, so you can relax when guests arrive.

On the Menu

Roasted Veggies
Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Pasta Shells
Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Drive by art

Art seems to find me where ever I go 😉. Driving back from Sea Ranch on Hwy 1 via Point Arena we stumbled upon a sign that read “Handmade tiles.” Had to stop 😁.

Golden Gate Bridge – foggy, clear, and foggy all within seconds

Only in San Francisco can you see fog, then clear skies, then thick fog again within seconds. That’s what we experienced on our way home driving over the Golden Gate bridge. A thick layer of fog, then a brief view of the bridge, and blue skies, then thick fog again – all while driving for just over a minute on the Golden Gate bridge.

Beaches, sunsets, ocean, fall at Sea Ranch

I hope you enjoyed our photos of the majestic Pacific Ocean, cliffs, bluffs and beaches around Sea Ranch in the fall. Wishing you a fabulous October 🍂.

Happy October and Happy Fall Everyone!

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  1. What lovely sunsets..brought back a lot of our memories and yes the golden gate bridge. Great you all managed to go together despite a working holiday.

  2. Beautiful photos of Sea Ranch😍 Looks like a relaxing week with Hitesh, the newlyweds and with Rose and Dave.

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