Fall Break in Santa Cruz

Beautiful Pacific Ocean, warm October sunshine, and cool ocean breezes is what awaited us in Santa Cruz, California last week.

Fall-holiday in Santa Cruz

The family decided to take a fall-holiday in the beach town of Santa Cruz last week where we spent the week working and on-line schooling -well the family did that, while I enjoyed the waves and lazing around with a book 😄.

Weekdays are the best time to go to the beach

Honestly, the best decision we made was to take a quick week-day holiday, because Monday-Friday Santa Cruz is quiet and peaceful making for a fabulous beach getaway. I know not everyone has the luxury to work remotely, but if you can take time off and head to Santa Cruz on a weekday, a wonderful experience awaits you here where locals walk by and smile and wave and the local bakeries and cafes are relaxed and fun. Here is a look at a few pics from our little fall-holiday in Santa Cruz.

Enjoying the waves

Sailboats and Sunsets

Noshing our way through local bakeries, cafes and ice cream parlors

Ending our stay with pizza and wine. Recipe to follow!

Have a good week everyone!

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