Studio Art Tour at Sea Ranch and Gualala, California

When we visited Sea Ranch this past Labor Day weekend, I was so thrilled to find out there was an artist studio tour happening! A type of drive -at-your-pace art tour when artists open their home studios for visitors to see their art and purchase them too.

What a unique experience to see artists in their studios

I love seeing artists in their studios! It opens our eyes to what’s involved in creating their art piece and gives us new appreciation to what a labor of love creating art is.

Barbara Poole. Watercolors and Acrylics

David Yager Ceramics

Loved his ceramics. They looked like tie dye.

Many times artists are enthusiastic to share their process with you – if you ask 😁.

This artist named Andrea was happy to share how she creates her own paint colors from scratch. She learnt Chinese brush painting from a Chinese art master in Oakland. Andrea also explained how her art is free flowing – meaning she doesn’t draw anything first – she just paints what comes in her mind at the moment.

BrushStrokes by Andrea

This artist was so unique! Submarine Paperworks

She made silver jewelry and also made vases and decorative objects from homemade paper!

Ceramic artist Herald Eric Nordwold

Over 30 artists and 21 studios on the art tour

There were over 30 artists on the studio tour up and down Sea Ranch and the town of Gualala.

We barely covered five artists. Wish we had time to see more. Next time!

Cheers to artists everywhere 🥂

Wine making is art too

We even stopped by local Annapolis winery for an al fresco picnic and wine tasting. This winery is a small operation run by a mother and son duo. They don’t even have a tasting room. That’s how small it is. You sit outside on picnic tables and the son himself will pour the wines.

We took a picnic basket filled with cheeses, crackers and dried fruits to enjoy a picnic while wine tasting.

Olive oil and fresh picked apples on the way home

Driving back we saw a barn selling locally made olive oil and fresh picked apples. An honor system – you just grab what you want and leave a check or cash. Talk about trustworthy people 🙏🏻.

Ending the evening with a spectacular sunset and Indian inspired dinner

After a fun art tour and wine tasting, we came home and took a nap. Then while Hitesh Dave and I headed out to catch the sunset, Rose and Anjali prepped for our Indian inspired dinner.

One the menu

Veggie Bhajias – veggie fritters with chickpea batter
Chole – chickpeas in gravy
Apple galette made with our farm fresh apple purchase

Tomorrow: Drive back home and champagne tasting in Sonoma

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  1. Truly not an artist but loved the ceramics. The picnic for wine tasting looks lovely..and the dinner cooked by Rose and Anjali scrumptious.
    Rose am glad hiteshbhai and Dolly got this well deserved break with you and your husband.
    It was a pleasure meeting you during the wedding.

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