Beaches From Kenya to Cali

Seems like beaches are in our itinerary this summer from Kenya to California. Having come back from Mombasa after enjoying the crystal blue waters of the sultry Indian ocean, we came home to hang out at the cool beaches of sunny California.

South Coast in Mombasa, Kenya

South Coast in Mombasa, Kenya is a tourist mecca for Europeans looking for a beach holiday with warm waters, balmy temperatures, and less crowds.

Swahili inspired architecture and cuisine

With Swahili architecture and local cuisine, South Coast is a great place to relax, hang out and experience a totally new culture.

The quiet artsy beach town of Capitola, California

After returning from Kenya and isolating before getting tested negative, we met our Cali cousins and cousins from Austin, Texas in the artsy beach town of Capitola in Northern California.

Cool sunny days with soft waves were beckoning us on the beach.

Stroll through the Venetian at Capitola Village

Nightfall brings twinkling lights of the charming town

The hip happening beach town of La Jolla and wedding at Torrey Pines in San Diego, California

After another week of hanging out at home and remote working, we headed to San Diego, California to the beach town of La Jolla. We were attending a wedding that had been postponed from last year. These were our very old friends of 25 years, their daughter was getting married. A colorful Indian wedding was on the agenda.

La Jolla Beach

Spanish Landing Park in San Diego

The Golf Course at Torrey Pines

Cool finds in San Diego

Salvage and vintage finds in downtown San Diego. This was a really fun store where they had items salvaged from ship wrecks and old seaside shops.

Wine tasting at Caruth Cellars

Noshing at local cafes

Tomorrow’s post: Colorful pics of our Indian wedding weekend in San Diego. Ca

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  1. pretty capitola village looks at night. Glad you all are still on short holidays.
    Must have thoroughly enjoyed the wedding festivities. Looking forward to the wedding in the family in the coming year

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