Beaches, Family Time & Fun in Mombasa, Kenya

Happy Saturday and happy weekend! Today seems like a perfect day to share with you our fun family time in Mombasa, Kenya this summer.

Mombasa on the coast of Kenya with the Indian Ocean as the backdrop is a beautiful, balmy city where our family lives. Visiting them is always a fun holiday.

Beautiful lighthouse and ocean views from our condo

Today I’d like to share happy images of our time here with pics of turquoise blue ocean, our time with the family, and of course delicious food prepared by my sis-in-law Deepa. Enjoy and Happy Weekend!

Visiting the Shiva Cave Temple by the Ocean

Crazy windy afternoon!

Marilyn Monroe Moment LOL

Holiday at the beach

The colors of the ocean are insanely beautiful here!!

Camels and shells

Delicious food prepared by sis-in-law 😘🥰

Truly an incredible holiday in Mombasa, Kenya 🥰🌞🏖

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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  1. So much beauty and serenity…pics are beautiful and the food looks incredible! What a great summer vacation with family – truly an amazing adventure!😍🤩🌊😎🐚🏖

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