I Love big baskets and I cannot lie. Basket Shopping in Mombasa, Kenya

Happy Sunday! This is my last post on my Kenya trip, I hope you enjoy this light hearted look at my favorite purchase here – baskets!

I love big baskets and I cannot lie

I don’t know why I love baskets so much, I really do. Maybe its the tactile nature of baskets. Or maybe its a piece of nature that can be molded into any shape and size. Or maybe its the organic nature of baskets that makes me feel like I’ve captured nature and brought it indoors. Or is it that I love anything handmade and each basket is carefully woven by hand making each one unique.

Baskets a Mombasa favorite

In Mombasa basket vendors sell their wares right off the road. Selling natural colored baskets in mostly two styles – a basket with handles and baskets shaped like wide bowls.

Baskets for produce

These uniquely Mombasa style baskets are interestingly only used for produce. Driving around town you’ll see anyone who is purchasing produce such as vegetables and fruits using these baskets. Not for sundries, or for packaged goods, or meat or poultry – no. These baskets are only used for produce shopping. While the bowl shaped baskets are used at home to store the produce. Its such an interesting observation I made that it fascinated me. Rich, poor, bus driver, homemaker, or teacher, it doesn’t matter who you are, these baskets are used in the same way – for produce 🍎🥦🥬🌶🥕🌽🥑.

Bargaining. The Kenyan way

It’s expected to bargain no matter what your’e buying from a street vendor. Here we’re bargaining for a volume discount. My daughter Sri, myself, my sis-in-law, even our car driver was buying a basket or two!

I hope you enjoyed this light hearted look at basket shopping in Mombasa.

I hope my travel diaries on Kenya gave you a glimpse of what’s in store when on holiday in this wonderful country. If you want an exotic vacation in a country with friendly people, beautiful weather and a relaxing time, look at Kenya for your next destination. It will be a once in a lifetime holiday.

6 thoughts on “I Love big baskets and I cannot lie. Basket Shopping in Mombasa, Kenya”

  1. Loooove baskets, too, for some of the same reasons you mentioned!😍. Following along Your family vacation was such a wonderful treat in more ways than one! Thank you for indulging us! Everybody looks happy and content – can’t wait to catch up IRL!🥰

  2. Lots of African countries and South American countries, and Mexico have big baskets like these,somewhat similar. We had so much in Tangier,Morocco. We had brought several of them and they were not used. Now I don’t even know where they are. Sridevi isn’t wearing a skirt black and white very same like Radhika used to wear in her teens and even she carried to that to Bryn Mawr. Anyway, I see the whole family in great happiness and joy. God Bless you all. Lovingly, Auntie Amma

    1. Hi Auntie, lovely to hear from you! Yes, baskets are really popular in Africa, I love how practical the usage is in these regions. Yes we had a very good time in kenya with Hitesh’s family, it was a long overdue holiday and we were all happy to see each other.

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