What I Want For Mother’s Day

Every year my family asks the same question around Mother’s Day. What do I want for Mother’s Day?  What menu would I like? What do I want to do? Where do I want to go? Which restaurant can they make reservations at for dinner? Every year I tell them the same ten things.  This is what I want for Mother’s Day.

1. I want a day of not being called Mom, question mark? “Mom, where is the extra cereal?”  “Mom, we are out of pancake mix, do you mind picking some up?”  “Mom, can you drop me off at my friends house and can you also pick up some school supplies for my project?” “I’m hungry Mom, what can I have for lunch?” “Mom, what’s for dinner?” “Mom, rolling of the eyes 🙄🙄.”

2. I want to spend countless hours in my garden without being interrupted for questions like “Mom, what can we make for you for lunch?” Or “Mom, we are making something for you, where is the…”

3. I would like my kitchen to be clean after Mother’s Day on Sunday night. To make sure my kids and Hitesh are fully prepared with all the supplies and tools they need to make Mother’s Day stress-free, I will show them on Saturday where everything is in the pantry, where all the platters and dishes are, and make sure we do the groceries for all the ingredients needed to make Mother’s Day a success.

4. I would like a Mother’s Day bouquet from each of the twins made from flowers and herbs from my garden. I make bouquets all the time but it would be nice to receive a homemade bouquet not made by me.

5. I want to wake up leisurely and have breakfast in the garden (not in bed) because I want to feel refreshed after a warm aromatherapy shower before being treated to my special brunch.


6. For brunch I would like an egg white veggie omelette, granola with Greek yogurt and berries, coffee, and fresh squeezed orange juice.

7. For afternoon snack I would like a cheese platter with crackers, fresh fruit, lemonade, and tea served in a pretty teapot and teacups.

8. For dinner I would like to stay home with the family and have a relaxing dinner of a light pasta and a tossed green salad with chilled white wine.


9. Yes, I would like Mother’s Day presents from my kids! I want it wrapped beautifully (just as I do for them). I feel it is important for my kids to think about what to get their Mom for this occasion. It’s the thought that counts – be it made by them or bought at the fair, for me it’s knowing that my kids took the effort to pick something and took the extra time to wrap and present it on this special day. I also want a greeting card with my presents.


10. Most importantly I want a big hug and kiss from all the kids and an “I love you” will positively make my Mother’s Day perfect ❤️!


Happy Mother’s Day!
May you ladies have a day filled with love and relaxation!

Mother’s Day Update: Got my flowers as requested and all my three girls with me on this special day. Hitesh made a delicious veggie omelette and granola with fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee. The day is starting off great! Perfect beginning to a very special celebration!


25 thoughts on “What I Want For Mother’s Day”

  1. I am sure that all your requests were fulfilled.After all they know you deserve it and they also know that it is for one day only!The rest of the time you will do everything for them.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day Dolly! Smart wishes, delegation and accomplishment! The girls look lovely, and my love to you and the girls. The three boys took me out and pampered me with gift certificate for spa treatment.

    1. Oh and I forgot, Sreedevi took me out last weekend for farms visits, wine tasting and a lunch at the orchard’s barn. She was working this Sunday!

  3. So glad that you will be obeyed:) Hitesh is wise:)
    He is ready and very confident knowing it will be team work with Sri, Rani and Anjali.
    Happy Mother’s day. You deserve to put your feet up!

    Much love

  4. You deserve it all! And they are capable of doing it. Hope you have a lovely day spent with your family! Happy Mothers Day!

  5. Love this! So true….all I really want is peace and quiet and time to reflect, but I would be heaven if the kids and DJ could prepare simple ,fresh meals for me. Happy mother’s day Kalpana! XO

  6. Your Mother’s Day requests and thoughts are so well written and most of us wish the same from our kids and husband. I’m so glad that your family will comply to your wishes and treat you in style for Mother’s Day!
    Wishing you all the happiness and have a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday!

  7. Kalpana, very good thoughts for your mother’s day. I am sure that your children will be well prepared to meet your requirements.

    I enjoyed reading and very nicely stated.

    I hope my children will be prepared for Devi’s special day May 14th. I know they are since they talked with her recently.

    With best wishes and regards to you and your family.

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