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Turmeric Spiced Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts have garnered a new wave of popularity in recent years. For decades it seems brussels sprouts were given a bad rap sheet, mainly because of the way they were cooked – usually steamed or boiled and then seasoned with salt and pepper or a cheese sauce ūüėĚ. It’s no wonder these vegetables were relagated to the “yuk ūüėĚ” pile. But Mom always made brussels sprouts saut√©d with a few Indian spices that transformed the little brussels sprouts into a delicious dish.¬† Continue reading Turmeric Spiced Brussels Sprouts

Toor Daal. Pigeon Peas Cooked in Spices

Toor daal comes in many variations in India, as varied as the country itself, and they all taste great. Creamy yellow lentils cooked so tender they fall apart, all seasoned with spices and served over white rice has a taste that is just heaven.  Most Indian restaurants have toor daal on their menu Рsometimes they may just call it yellow lentil soup.

Here is a recipe for toor daal my Mom taught me over three decades ago after returning from a visit to Ahmedabad, India. Continue reading Toor Daal. Pigeon Peas Cooked in Spices

Cabbage and Onion Pakoras

Pakoras are deep fried Indian fritters made with chickpea flour and chopped veggies. I haven’t made pakoras in ages, mainly because I stopped deep frying foods at home years ago in an effort to eat healthier. But somehow a couple weekends ago¬†I was craving homemade pakoras. I’ve had pakoras at Indian restaurants many times, but there is something about having homemade pakoras that is ¬†– well, let’s just say like anything homemade, it has a taste onto it’s own. Continue reading Cabbage and Onion Pakoras

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful ladies out there!! Hope you have a fun and relaxing day doing exactly what makes you happy.

Last year I posted a couple of articles on Moms – both were poignant and sentimental. Mom¬†was about the strong women who played a huge role in my life and Happy Mother’s Day!¬†had¬†some heartfelt poems about Moms.

This year I thought I would keep it lighthearted and share with you four cartoons about Moms. I bought this boxed set of greeting cards a while back, which had cartoons about Moms from The New Yorker magazine, and they are very funny. Enjoy!


Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!

What I Want For Mother’s Day

Every year my family asks the same question around Mother’s Day. What do I want for Mother’s Day? ¬†What menu would I like? What do I want to do? Where do I want to go? Which restaurant can they make reservations at for dinner?¬†Every year I tell them the same ten things. ¬†This is what I want for Mother’s Day. Continue reading What I Want For Mother’s Day

Lemon Rice

I was swimming in lemons a few weeks ago Рover 275 lemons.  I posted a recipe for lemonade syrup that used up almost all of them. Guess what? I got another 100 more lemons just last week! Of course I made more lemonade syrup, but I still have a bunch of lemons sitting in my basket.


So I thought let me make a lemon recipe that I grew up with – lemon rice. ¬†Mind you, this recipe doesn’t use a lot of lemon – just three in fact, but it’s a great way to make a lemon flavored main dish. Continue reading Lemon Rice

Butter Sautéed Tomato and Onions on Toast

I was nostalgic recently to have¬†this tomato and onion dish my Mom and my Aunty Jaya used to make to have¬†with bread when¬†I was much younger and growing up in India. Back then in the late 70s bread wasn’t widely available where we lived, and when we could buy some it was more of a luxury than a norm, which meant that when we had bread it was a treat.¬†One of the ways we ate bread was with this tomato and onion saut√©d in butter.

Mom & Jaya Aunty in Paris, France in 1970 holding a street performer’s monkeys. Mom and my Dad were stationed in London while Jaya Aunty and Chary Uncle were stationed in Paris for a few years as expats.

Continue reading Butter Sautéed Tomato and Onions on Toast

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My Mom made the best grilled cheese sandwich. Growing up my Mom made grilled cheese sandwiches on a regular basis, especially on the weekends for a quick lunch. ¬†Hers was the only grilled cheese sandwich I knew.¬†So naturally, when I started making them for my kids, I followed my Mom’s recipe. ¬†Apparently¬†this isn‚Äôt the standard recipe that most people are used to. ¬†I didn’t know that.

When my kid’s friends would come over and I would make my Mom’s grilled cheese, I would get surprised happy reactions. ¬†They would ask me for the recipe; it’s amazingly delicious I was told. Anjali and Rani’s friends loved these grilled cheese sandwiches. Having only known my Mom’s grilled cheese sandwich I just figured that’s how it’s always made. ¬†Turns out it was my Mom’s version of a grilled cheese sandwich.

What makes my Mom’s grilled cheese so good? ¬†It’s the simple good old-fashioned ingredients that go in it. ¬†Nothing complicated. ¬†Mom never used American cheese; she took the trouble to grate a block of good cheddar cheese. ¬†She used white bread or sourdough, fresh tomatoes, and onions. ¬†She only used butter, no margarine, no olive oil and no substitutes. ¬†That’s it.


Over the years I have messed around with Mom’s grilled cheese by adding fancy cheeses, gourmet condiments, and saut√©ed mushrooms and peppers. But I never get the wow reaction I get when I make the original Mom’s grilled cheese. ¬†Now I just stick to her recipe.¬† Continue reading Mom’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich