Cornell University, Finger Lakes Cider Tasting & Waterfalls in Ithaca, NY

Hello and Happy Weekend 😊. Today I’d like to share these beautiful photos from our recent trip to Upstate New York where we dropped our daughter off at university. A bittersweet moment it was 😥🥰. Oh how fast the young ones grow up!

Ithaca and Finger Lakes, New York

I heard so much about this area, about how beautiful it is with lakes and waterfalls and hiking trails. But really nothing prepared me for how gorgeous Ithaca and Finger Lakes district are.

Lush green vegetation with blue skies, lakes, creeks, rivers and waterfalls in every direction – it truly is a magical nature feast.

Cider and Shrub Tasting

The Finger Lakes area is dotted with wineries and cideries. Each cidery offering tastings of locally made hard cider, non alcoholic shrubs, brandy, and more.

Streams, Waterfalls and Gorges

Touring Cornell University

Cornell University has to be the most beautiful campus in the country!

I’ve never seen a college campus so beautiful. Where can students walk past streams and waterfalls, creeks and gardens to get from one class to the next. Rolling hills, emerald green vegetation, and old fashioned charm are what students experience here.

Can you believe our daughter walked past this waterfall countless times to attend her fashion design and information technology classes! Oh, and that building in the back was her dorm last semester.

College of Human Ecology what a fun college to explore

European style village and gothic architecture

Dorms and buildings transport you to a charming English village.

College of Computer Science

Cornell Botanical Gardens

Cornell has world renowned botanical gardens that cover over 500 acres. Gardens and natural areas on the Cornell University Campus can be explored by foot, by car, or by bicycles.

At any given season, the gardens change from spring time cherry blossoms, to vibrant fall colors, and winter white scenery, When we visited in late August it was green, peaceful, and lush.

The Lotus Pond

Visions of Monet’s Garden

We had a wonderful relaxing few days in Ithaca, got to explore the area as Rani gets ready for a new year of in-person classes.

For those of you dropping your children at university, I wish them a great year ahead! Let’s look forward to when they come home for Thanksgiving!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.

16 thoughts on “Cornell University, Finger Lakes Cider Tasting & Waterfalls in Ithaca, NY”

  1. Beautiful campus. Delighted for both Rani and Anjali that they are well on their college journey. Wishing them both the very best ❤️🙏

  2. Truly a bittersweet moment but such an exciting journey for Rani! What a beautiful campus, indeed! Gorgeous pics – thanks for sharing

    Congrats, Rani – savor the moments!🥰

  3. I am very happy to see how good you parents are to your children by proceeding in the line of course of learning they want to go on. Our times were different. Compared to my times, my children’s times was better although still with rigidity and still lot of paren’s interference to our children’s choice to study. Children’s children are given much more freedom to choose what they want to study and proceed. Generation after generation more freedom is given and we should wait and see how better they are going to be from us and is this change a good change from what we did! From time to time give me the feed back on your children’ accomplishments! May God Bless you and your children.
    Auntie Amma

    1. Hi Auntie so good to hear from you. Amma, times really have changed from when you and I went to college, as you said we had few majors to consider but now these young kids have so many more choices, it is indeed a changing world, all exciting and new. I do wish them all well.

  4. It truly is a mixture of the kids their wings to fly and letting go. All the best to Rani and Anjali as they embark on this journey of campus time. Such a beautiful campus and the scenery of the places you visited is truly beautiful .

    The campus is so beautiful..reminds me of my time at uni years back.

    Thanks for giving us a feel of what Cornell University is.


  5. A truly wonder-filled post. Gorgeous countryside and campus’ look great too! Isn’t it wonderful to be young and beginning that journey of exploration. 🙋‍♂️

    1. Absolutely it really is great to see the kids in college and all that amazing knowledge to learn right in front of them to learn and experience. Made me want to go back to college!

  6. Truly a bittersweet moment ☺️
    Wishing Rani and all kids a happy school year, enjoy the beautiful campus Rani

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