Friday Fotos. Front Row Seat for Bird’s Nest Activity

Hello and Happy Friday! Its spring all over town and birds have been going nuts building nests around my garden. I understand, this is peak season for bird activity and for the little chickies to arrive. But to see the action up close and personal right in your window sill? What a nature show that’ll be – right?

That is exactly what my daughter Rani has in New York where she is attending university. A nest with two birds right in her dorm room windowsill! Rani named the couple Harriet and Alfred 😁😁. She’s been sharing photos and videos and its been so fun to see the action up close that I I’m excited to share it here with you all!

The Building of the Nest

Two eggs!

Mama keeping the eggs warm

It started snowing in April!

Here is a video showing Harriet weathering the snow storm 🌨

I hope you enjoyed Rani’s little bird nature show. Stay tuned for more pics and videos as the chicks hatch!! Have a good weekend everyone!

8 thoughts on “Friday Fotos. Front Row Seat for Bird’s Nest Activity”

  1. It is magical to see Harriet and Alfred so comfortable with Rani! Amazing experience.

    God bless her and the birds!

  2. This is so cool. Where in NY is Rani? We should visit with each other when things get closer to normal.

  3. Precious!!! Happy spring and thanks for sharing Rani’s window sill residents, Harriet and Alfred!!🐦🐦. Looking forward to the chickies…🥰

  4. This is so sweet!😍 Does Rani keep her window with the nest open all the time? Or does Harriet signal when she wants to be there?! Her dorm life is different than most students😁

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