Friday Flowers. Magic Pink Carpet at Pacific Grove, Monterey County

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week. Today I am so excited to share with you these beautiful pics of a walk on the bluff at Pacific Grove to admire the carpet of prink ice plants in spring bloom.

A Fairytale Backdrop

This local springtime favorite is a scene right out of a fairytale or a postcard that looks too good to be true! You know what I mean?

What a Sight to Behold!

My friend Padmini and I do a weekly hike and this time decided to check out the carpets of pink ice plants in Monterey county. This talked about bluff is 7 miles of walkway along the Lovers Point Park and Beach which is covered in a carpet of pink flowers in the springtime. This year I was able to catch the blooms at their peak. What a sight to behold!

The contrast of pink flowers and blue Pacific Ocean – Just spectacular!

The contrast of bright blue sky and ocean against the pink of the wildflowers is a painter’s dream. In fact we saw a few artists with their canvas capturing the magical scene ahead.

The beautiful blue Pacific Ocean

The Story of the Magic Carpet of Pink

“In 1943, living in a tiny cabin overlooking Pacific Grove’s Lovers Point, gardener and self-styled adventurer Hayes Perkins (1874–1964) began to clear a poison oak-covered ocean bluff in Pacific Grove.  

Perkins’s hand-watered the coastal bluff with a mix of shrubs and South African drosanthemum floribundum, a succulent of the ice plant variety. 

For over 14 years he single-handedly created a nearly one-mile-long pathway into a dazzling springtime carpet of fluorescent-purple blooms, a floral “Magic Carpet”.

The park is now Named Perkins Park and the garden plays an important role in the town’s appeal as a resort destination. ” source: The return of the magic carpet

An Unforgettable Walk on the Bluff

We walked for five miles but those five miles went by so fast LOL. Admiring the flowers and the scenery time just flew by!

Pink! the color of Universal Love of Oneself and Each Other. 💕🌸

Lovers Point Park is actually named after a Methodist retreat camp which was named Lovers of Jesus Point back in the era when Pacific Grove was a Methodist retreat camp in the late 1800s.

Since then the beach at Lovers Point has become a popular spot for boating and swimming, and over recent decades surfing, and in the spring viewing of the pink magic carpet.

Magic Pink Carpet in Pacific Grove

The Magic Carpet is a phenomenon so unique to Pacific Grove, that it generates more phone-calls than any other event in the Monterey County.

The flowers typically start bloom in mid-April, completely blanketing the coastline in pink hues from May and lasting into June. source: Visit Pacific Grove

Wishing you a fabulous weekend! 💕

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