Hiking Fortini Loop at Stiles Ranch Open Space Preserve

Hello and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Relaxing? Fun? Ours was pretty low key, kinda lazy especially with our spring like weather in the warm 70s we were just soaking it all in. I actually got in a beautiful hike last week at Fortini Loop in the South Bay so I didn’t feel too bad lazing around on the weekend.

Clear Blue Skies! Perfect for a hike

First off let me share these photos of the clear blue skies on our March hike. Look at that color! No color enhancements here folks. Just clean, crisp, clear blue skies! Absolutely gorgeous! 💙

Relaxing hike with the right amount of hills

Fortini Loop is a wonderful trail especially on cool spring or fall mornings when one wants a good solid workout but not the crazy steep hills. Here there are multiple trails with different levels of grades, so pick your hill hardiness level. It’s definitely one of the more sunny trails as there are few trees here for shade, making this hike best on spring and cool fall mornings.

Popular horse trail

With so many horse ranches in this area Fortini Loop is also very popular trail for horse rides. On the morning that we were hiking, these three horses were taking a lovely lazy stroll with their riders.

California poppies abloom

In the spring this area is swimming with California poppies. A little early for the sea of poppies we usually see, yet we caught glimpses of the first signs of poppies on this mid-March morning.

Flat, gradual, steep, They’ve got it all here

No matter your difficulty level, Fortini Look has something for everyone. Flat, gradual hill, steep or difficult – ranging from three mile hike to five miles to 8 miles, there is something for everyone on this trail

On a cool sunny morning Fortini Trail is perfect for a leisurely hike

If your’e planning on checking out this trail, there are multiple entrances to this expansive nature preserve. For more information on Fortini Loop and surrounding trails check out this link. Stiles Ranch and Fortini Trail.

Have a fabulous week everyone!

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