Fig and Lemon Dressing

Here is a sweet and tangy dressing that tastes awesome on any salad but especially great in a salad with dates and fruits.

I made this vinaigrette to go with an awesome spring salad that had dates and raspberries and I really wanted a jammy sweet and tangy dressing for this. I wanted a thick dressing that could stick to the fruits, and also coat the salad greens with jammy sweetness.

For the dressing I chose fig jam and since lemons are in season rather than use vinegar I used fresh lemon juice instead. Add in olive oil, hint of garlic, salt and pepper, and that’s all you need for a delicious dressing that tastes outstanding. If your fig jam has bits of soft fig, that adds even more pizzaz. This dressing is so good folks, it may just become your new favorite vinaigrette!

Fig and Lemon Dressing


2 tbsp fig jam
Juice of 2 lemons – about 5- 6 tbsp
1 garlic minced (optiona)
6 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste


Place the jam, garlic and lemon juice in a bowl and whisk together until the jam is fully blended in the lemon juice.

Next add the olive oil, salt and pepper. Whisk everything together until fully blended. Taste and adjust for salt. Dressing is ready.

Serve over salad of your choice.

2 thoughts on “Fig and Lemon Dressing”

  1. Thanks for posting this yummy dressing! I can still taste it from the salad you served a couple of weeks ago.😋

    Happy first day of Spring!🌷So beautiful out…☀️

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