Sierra Azul Hike on a Warm January Day

Hi folks, if you live in California you know we’ve been having unseasonably warm temps lately. We’re talking sunny blue skies and 60s! Take advantage of these cool warm days and get some nature trails and hikes in folks Because you know rains and winter temperatures are coming back sooner than you think.

I’ve been outside a lot on our warmer days doing cleanup and pruning in the garden, and I’m also trying to get in as many walks and hikes as I can while its warm.


Hiking with friend Padmini

When it comes to hiking I usually go with my hiking buddy Padmini. We have a rhythm that works – you know, we talk on the way, sometimes we’re just silent and that’s okay too 😃🤫. We go on a brisk walk that is similar, we don’t hike like mad, but we get in a solid workout that leaves us out of breath.


Sierra Azul Nature Preserve

Sierra Azul Nature Preserve was our latest hike when we went last week on a pleasant January Thursday. Since I’ve become extremely sensitive to the cold (even something as docile as 55F), I asked Padmini if we could hike a little later when its warmer and so we met at 12noon rather than our usual morning time.

Sierra Azul Hike on a Sunny January Day

It was a beautiful day when we went on the Sierra Azul trail in the South Bay. This trail goes on for miles over the hills and Santa Cruz mountains, and we typically do a 4-5 mile hike up and down the trail. Some parts of the trail leave us breathless, but the views are worth every step.

We see beautiful scenery on the way, we hike past little streams and waterfalls, and even get to see Silicon Valley below.

Since we’re supposed to have more warm days we’re hoping to go on another trail this week.

I hope you enjoyed this little January nature hike. Have a great week everyone, and maybe you too can sneak in an invigorating hike this January.

Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve

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