January Sunsets

Hello and Happy Saturday! Is it just me or did January go by in the blink of an eye. We are looking at February next week! 2022 is on a fast train folks 🤣.

January sunset

January sunsets in our Bay Area have been gorgeous!

Sunsets in January in our Bay Area have been stunning. Not just where we live but all over the Bay Area. I see it every night on the local news where newscasters have been sharing sunset pics shared by Bay Area residents. The colors of lava in the sky!! This one is shared by my friend Swati.

In Almaden Lake in the South Bay

But hey, even in our neck of the woods we’ve seen our share of beautiful January sunsets. Here’s what I’ve captured over the mountains from our home.

January 12 Sunset

January 13th Sunset

January 17th Sunset

January 21st

Have a great weekend everyone!

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