September in Santa Cruz

Hello and Happy Weekend! How was your Saturday? Ready for the week ahead? I am catching up on stuff around the home after a week away in Santa Cruz. An impromptu getaway to enjoy the ocean before our second twin heads off to college.

If you live clsoe to the Paciific Ocean Fall is a wonderful time to head to the waters. For one, the summer crowds have dwindled, and two the weather is surprisingly pleasant as in the temperatures are not scorching hot making it a pleasant time to hangout on the beach. That’s why we chose to spend a few day in Santa Cruz in September.

September in Santa Cruz

Around here signs of fall are showing up everywhere. Our temperatures have cooled down enough so that we actually need a light jacket. The same is true by the beach. Sunny, cool, and warm – its our typical beach weather by the coast . Really a wonderful time to head to the sea.

Five days with Friends and Family

We rented a nice big Airbnb right by the beach in Santa Cruz. The home was big enough to accomodate a few more people than were in our family. With such a beautiful place we decided to invite family and friends who could remote work and are fully vaccinated to come and enjoy the ocean, relax by the beach, and hangout over wine and dinner.

Saturday & Sunday with the Cousins

With the kids back in school the weekend really was the best time for our cousins and their families to stop by, enjoy the ocean and stay the night.

Bonfire on the beach
Morning walk for breakfast at local cafe Crow’s Nest
Afternoon on the deck playing charades ✌🏾👌🏼😂🤣
Evening on the beach enjoying the waves

Selfies in Santa Cruz

Monday & Tuesday with Friends

On Monday night we invited a couple of friends for sunset viewing and dinner. The skies were clear this evening giving us a beautiful sunset showing.

Photo credit Naresh
Pics with friends
The waves were giant this evening!!
Getting caught off guard in the chilly waters LOL
Birds were having fun too
South Indian Sunset Dinner

We had South Indian cuisine on this evening. Dishes brought by friends Padmini and Shalini were a feast celebrating a beautiful sunset viewing .

South Indian Sunset Dinner Menu

Eggplant & peas curry – Padmini
Cauliflower stir fry – Padmini
Sambhar South Indian Daal – Shalini
Tindora stir fy Shalini
Indian spiced chicken – Shalini
Potato curry – Me

After an evening of beautiful scenery, delicious food and plenty of laughter, we had a good nights sleep to the sound of ocean waves.

Morning Walk to the Lighthouse

The next morning my friend Shalini and I took a walk to the lighthouse. Our stroll took us past the marina docked with beautiful boats, and over the bridge to a lighthouse bathed in crashing waves.

The lighthouse
Brunch at local cafe Aldo’s on the docks

Our friends headed home after a delicious seaside lunch on the docks at local favorite Aldo’s Cafe.

Wednesday & Thursday with Family

Tuesday night to Thursday we had our extended family my daughter’s finace’s parents and family over to spend a couple of days for a therapeutic time by the ocean. They’ve all had a tough month with the loss of their beloved dog Simba and this little getaway was a welcome respite.

Late evening arrival meant Italian takeout

We ordered Italian from local restaurant Lillian’s . Folks the food here was outstanding! If your’e heading to Santa Cruz for dinner definitely give this place a try. Reservations highly recommended. Lillian’s Italian Kitchen in Santa Cruz

Pav Bhaji at the Beach

In Mumbai pav bhajji is an extremely popular street food especially served on the beach. Made with mashed potatoes and veggies all seasoned with onions and spices , it’s served with buttered toasted hamburger buns. This dish is insanely popular among many Indians, and Priya had made this and brought it to have lunch the next day.

Visit to a Pottery Studio

After a delicious lunch the gals stepped out to visit with local potter Jeannine Calcagno . I bought some of her pieces at a local pottery fair and held onto her card, as she mentioned her studio was in Santa Cruz. After arranging a time to stop by we drove to her studio to see what beautiful pottery she had for sale.

Cloudy Cool Evening by the ocean

After a fun pottery tour, we came back to cloudy cool evening by the beach. That didn’t stop us from a walk on the beach, get our feet wet and watch the sail boats sail by at dusk.

Sailboats at dusk

BBQ by the Beach

After an exhilarating evening on the sand we ended the evening with a stellar bbq prepared by Vijay. A stupendous ending to a superb getaway in Santa Cruz.

Hope Your September is going well.
Wishing you a fabulous week ahead!

8 thoughts on “September in Santa Cruz”

  1. What a lovely holiday…love the boats docked…lighthouse and the pottery. The big waves ..oh my

    it’s such a blessing you spending such quality time with friends abd family.

    You all are such wonderful hosts…its evident.

    I love reading your posts and the way you share every event is out of the world.

    have a good week

    1. Hi Muni, its so awesome that youre able to keep up with our escapades all the way from Kenya! Thank you for your lovely comments!! We had a wonderful time with friends and family in Santa Cruz, it was a nice getaway. Hope to see you here this year!

  2. Hi Kalpana, looks like a wonderful getaway. Thanks for bringing us along. Beautiful pictures 😍. I love how you seamlessly included friends and family during the week. Have a great week.

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