Happy Mother’s Day! 2016

Mom. How can such a simple three-letter word conjure up so much emotion?  Love, devotion, beauty, rapture, and awe in all of us. Mom has to be the most loved word in the dictionary.


To every one of us, our Mom is the best, the most beautiful, the smartest, the best cook, and the best at everything she does.  I don’t know anyone who when they talk about their Mom doesn’t talk with unadulterated affection.  It’s pure Love. Why is that?

The answer is obvious.  Mom is not just someone who gives birth to us. I really don’t think that is what Mom is all about.  What makes Mom, MOM is all that she does for us from the time we enter her world.  She feeds us, nurtures us, teaches us manners and morals, teaches us traditions and cultural importance’s, works tirelessly to make our lives better, makes many sacrifices on our behalf, and she does this again and again and again, for the rest of our lives.  She never stops caring for us no matter where or with whom our lives take us.

From the time we are babies Mom is there to encourage us along as we become young children, she deals with our pre-pubescent emotional roller coaster, puts up with our attitudes and teenage behavior, deals with us as we become adults and start talking to her as equals; through it all she never waivers in loving us unconditionally.  No matter what we do or stray from our path, she is there to pick us up and push us along to move ahead.

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The word Mom will always be synonymous with the word Love.  Unconditional Love!

While reading up on my daily news on the web, I came upon this wonderful article on BBC Earth on Moms in all species.  It’s more of a photo gallery of Moms in the animal kingdom, and shows the unconditional bond that Moms have with their children. Check out this link for an inspiring and fun look at Moms in the animal kingdom.  Amazing Moms of the animal world.


Honestly, there are plenty poems and stories and accolades to this amazing woman we call Mom in all cultures and in all languages. How can I top all these?  I can’t.  So I have picked a couple of poems that convey beautifully the meaning of the word Mom, and all that she does for her children.

If I Knew as A Child

If I knew as a child what I know now, Mom
I probably wouldn’t have made things so hard for you.
I would have understood that you were looking out for my best interest even though it may not have seemed so at the time.
I would have known how difficult it is to let go to stand back and let someone you love learn from their mistakes.
I would have realized how fortunate I was to have a mother who was always there for me even after an argument, even after I’d said things I shouldn’t have.
While it’s too late for a lot of things, it’s not too late for me to tell you that
I appreciate how loving you are, how giving you’ve always been, and that even though
I may not always be good at showing it,
I love you very much.
by Renee Duvall

You Were There… 

You were there when we took our first steps,
And went unsteadily across the floor.
You pushed and prodded: encouraged and guided,
Until our steps took us out the door…
You worry now “Are they ok?”
Is there more you could have done?
As we walk the paths of our unknown
You wonder, “Where have my children gone?”
Where we are is where you have led us,
With your special love you showed us a way,
To believe in ourselves and the decisions we make.
Taking on the challenge of life day-to-day.
And where we go you can be sure,
In spirit you shall never be alone.
For where you are is what matters most to us,
Because to us where you are will always be home…
Author Unknown

Here are some pictures of Moms and their kids from my photo albums

My Mom with her Mom (my grandmother)
Sri and Me
Me with Anjali and Rani
Mom, Mom (Mom-in-law) and Sri
My Mom &Sri
Hitesh and his Mom
Mom with Kiran and Sri
Swati and Khushi
Uma Aunty and Sridevi
Laxmi aunty with Meera, Uma and grandkids
Bama Mami with Anika and Anjali and Rani
Meera & Kamya
Meera & Anika
Radhika & her Mom
Uma & Kavni
Pallavi & her Mom
Veena and Sashvath
Shalini and daughter Anya
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Sue Ann & Smith

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Ah.. I get to leave a comment!! Finally.. 🙂 Loved the post Dolly! So well said. I so agree with Vinatha Chitti – you put your heart and soul in all your writing and it just shines through.. It was also a treat to see Athai’s pictures and you as a baby / young girl.

  2. Kalpana, Do not know what to say! Brought tears to my eyes!
    Beautifully written.

    Thank you

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