Friday Fall Leaves

I hope you had a good week and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  Today I would love to share a few photos I took of fall color in my garden.


 It seems almost overnight that the leaves in my garden turned color this week.  Turmeric yellow, red, orange and brown leaves abound and are piling up on the floor.  As many leaves are falling and have already fallen, my trees still have plenty of leaves still waiting to drop. All the leaves won’t drop until early January! Yup, we get three solid months of falling leaves 🍂🍂🍁🍂🍁.


When I first moved into our home years ago I would sweep every day once the leaves started falling trying to do my best to keep at least the areas that I can control look less messy.  I would look at the thousands of leaves with consternation and continue this uphill battle every day in the fall timeframe. Finally last year I came to embrace our seasonal leaf drop and see the beauty that is nature. Now I just enjoy the mess knowing that in a couple of months the trees will be bare and the garden will look calm and tidy again.

Here is a look at fall color in our garden.

Fall color on our poplar trees and maple trees seemed to turn a gorgeous red and turmeric yellow just this week.


Yesterday I woke up to this dreamy scene of morning mist.


Happy Friday and wishing you a fabulous weekend!

11 thoughts on “Friday Fall Leaves”

  1. Those aspens (or poplars) are so exquisite! So is the red maple.
    In the second picture, there is a limb on the aspen that is rather close to the roof. If you had the trees worked on in the past few years, and the arborist was not concerned with this limb, it is probably not a problem; but is it worth asking about if your arborist happens to be out there anytime soon. It is close enough too the ground that it probably does not move around much in the wind. While bare, it is not much of a concern, since it weighs less, and is not blown about by the wind so much.

      1. I am sorry I can not do it. All I would be able to do is inspect them. I no longer work for a crew who could perform any necessary arboricultural procedures. Those I worked for years ago are mostly retired now.

  2. Wow! These colours are wonderfully uplifting. It must be such a treat to have them for months on end. Fallen leaves seem an acceptable price to pay for that. 🙂

  3. Dolly , See my Profile Photo … This is my favorite Corner in the Grocery Store … surrounded by this Beautiful Mosaic of Fall Colors … Every leaf that Falls during the Fall Season narrates a story that Life is Transient .

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