Friday Flowers. March in the Garden at Veena and Mani’s

Hello and Happy Friday! Today I’m so excited to share with you pics from my recent visit to our friend Veena and Mani’s spring garden.

When I stopped by last week to drop off a bowl of citrus a tour of Veena’s spring garden was on my agenda 😄. Now taking fruit or any flowers for that matter is like taking “Coal to New castle” because these two grow everything possible in their beautiful landscape. Yet I took a bowl of fruit and a small bouquet of freesias haha.

What can I say Veena and Mani’s garden is absolutely glorious! Avid gardeners, both spend hours in their garden and their garden shows all the love and attention it gets.

On a spring March afternoon their garden had a bounty of flowers in bloom. Camellias, freesias, daffodils, hyacinths, nasturtiums and a whole lot of perennials like geraniums, ranunculus, cyclamen, and so much more. Here is a look at Veena and Mani’s March spring garden. Enjoy!

Freesias in the thousands

You all know I am a huge fan of freesias. They perform so well in our spring garden and with their pleasant fragrance and bright colors they brighten up any spring garden. In Veena and Mani’s garden freesias have been used in many creative ways. Like using them in a hedge, planting them alongside with daffodils or how about planting them in a row on a side yard? All great ideas and the best part is these little bulbs are so hardy they perform well in any condition as long as they get water and little sunlight.

Glorious camelias

These two camellia trees in their front entryway were dripping with camellia blossoms. Hundreds of flowers on the trees and many fallen on the floor. As we walked by I felt like I was at a wedding 🥰 💐.

Gardening buddies forever 💕🌼🌹💐

Bright cheerful nasturtiums

I had given nasturtium seeds from my garden to Veena years ago and it seems those seeds have self seeded and are growing prolifically now in her garden too. I do love nasturtiums! With their cheerful sunny colors they brighten up any garden and make us happy 😄.

Geraniums, ranunculus, African daisies and pansies in opulent colors and shades

We ended our tour with tea and Indian snacks called vada (lentil fritters) with coconut chutney.

Always such a treat visiting with Veena. I come home with tummy full and plant cuttings too!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “Friday Flowers. March in the Garden at Veena and Mani’s”

  1. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! What a gorgeous palette of colors Veena’s garden has! I am so replete with envy, much like walking into your garden, Kalpana!!😍Thank you for sharing.🌷🌹🌸🌼🌺

    1. Oh it’s a gorgeous garden Rose. Remind me to take you along next time I head over, their summer garden is even more spectacular with thousands of roses and gladiolas and dahlias and veggies!!

  2. Hi Kalpana, Thanks a lot for sharing the wonderful photos of our garden for our friends to enjoy. We ourselves spend a fair bit of time on our hobby, but your photos remind us to pause and take in the beauty of nature. Looking forward to seeing your summer garden!

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