Hiking Among the Redwoods at Forest Of Nisene Marks in Aptos, California

Hello and Happy Friday! Today I’d like to share with you pics from a hike I went on among the giant redwoods at The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park in Aptos, California.

The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park

This gorgeous redwood forest n the town of Aptos near Santa Cruz is a beautiful natural refuge with over 30 miles of forest to explore. Trails ranging from flat, to gentle hill, to steep hills can be found all around this massive park.

The Salinas Family Donated over 9700 acres of redwood forest to the state on the condition that it never be developed

The park’s name honors Nisene Marks, the nature-loving mother of the Salinas farm family that bought the land in the 1950s.

Her children donated 9,700 acres to the state in 1963 with the provision that it never be developed.

Save the Redwoods League helped add an additional 357 acres, including two key holdings acquired in 2007 and 2010.

The Majestic Redwoods

These redwoods tower over us that it’s impossible to capture the sheer magnitude of the trees.

The Aptos Creek and Waterfall

Hiking, picnicking, camping, backpacking and mountain biking are popular activities at this redwood park.

The soothing sound of the creek that runs throughout the park is calming

One can even hike uphill all the way to the waterfalls that are not easy to get to but worth the effort.

How these redwoods stand tall despite their exposed roots is amazing!

Turkey legs or roots? LOL

Reminiscent of the peaceful Shire from Tolken’s the Hobbit

Walking among this lush peaceful landscape it brought images of the peaceful village at the shire from the book Hobbit.

“The Hobbit is set in “Middle-earth,” a fantasyland created by Tolkien. Within Middle-earth, The Hobbit is restricted to settings in the Western lands. It starts and ends in Hobbiton, a town in the Shire, a peaceful region usually untouched by troubles elsewhere in the world. ”

On a warm April morning the redwood forest is cool and pleasant as if you really are in another world completely.

Any time of the year enjoy the shady canopy of the redwood forest at the Forest of Nasine Marks State Park

Have a great weekend everyone!

The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park

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