Spring Celebration Tamil New Year at Uma and Nando’s

Happy mid-April! Today is is the day many Indians in the southern states celebrate as their New Year. This past Saturday my cousins Uma and Nando hosted a New year lunch to celebrate spring and for all good fortune.

Celebrating Tamil New Year with the Cousins

April 14th usually marks the time when the the sun is considered to move from the southern to the northern hemisphere. This is also the day according to Hindu mythology, when Lord Brahma began to create the universe, hence it is known as the start of a new year.

Celebrating with the cousins is always a treat! Uma is an amazing cook and we all look forward to her phenomenal homemade vegetarian spread!

I am always up for an excuse to hang out with family, have delicious home cooked meal, and get dressed in our Indian attire. A fun afternoon was had by all.

Family pics to start the celebration

South Indian vegetarian feast on the menu

On the Menu:
Coconut rice
Tamarind rice
Black eyed peas and squash stew
Potato stir fry – cousin Meera
Rasam – cousin Gowri
Dahi vada – lentil fritters soaked in spiced yogurt
Fresh cut fruit – me
Kheer – sweet rice and milk pudding

Time to eat!

Dessert time 👌🏼

Special thanks to Uma and Nando for hosting this year’s Tamil New Year!

Happy Spring!

5 thoughts on “Spring Celebration Tamil New Year at Uma and Nando’s”

  1. Wow Uma! Really mouthwatering! The Rasam. …I would love ❤️ to taste it …looks Super Yummy.
    Happy New Year to you all.
    I would like to see Kavni …such a delightful Girl.

  2. Happy New Year to you and your extended family dear Kalpana. What a spread, everything looks so yummy. Enjoy the Spring!!

  3. Happy New Year and happy spring! What a feast – everything looks delicious (kudos to all the cooks)😋

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