Spring Lunch at Babita’s Celebrating the Festival of Vishu

All things spring are being celebrated in April from Easter to Indian spring festivals such as Holi, Ugadi, Tamil New Year and in the Southern state of Karela the celebration known as Vishu.

Ugadi, Tamil New Year, Vishu , Gudi Pawa

One common theme runs through all these Indian spring festivals – April timeframe is celebrated as New Year. Traditionally this is also the harvest festival when farmer’s start ploughing the fields welcoming the spring season.

Spring Lunch at Babita’s

With so many positive things happening in April, our friend Babita hosted a Vishu celebration lunch with a few of our friends in her beautiful hillside home last week.

Beautiful backdrop for beautiful pictures 🥰

It was a misty cloudy April afternoon when we had lunch with Babita. Honestly though when we’re all dressed in colorful attire chatting and laughing over a delicious meal, cloudy day feels sunny and cheerful with dear friends 💕.

Vegetarian Kerala Style Lunch is ready!

Babita had prepared a scrumptious meal of local Kerala style dishes. Lots of dishes were made with grated coconut and coconut milk as the state of Kerala is in the southern most part of India near the ocean where coconut trees grow in the thousands. Babita had made a variety of dishes with a variety of vegetables ranging from eggplant, carrots, beans, okra, squash, potatoes, onions, even mango and more! A smorgasbord of veggies in an array of delicious dishes.

On the Menu
Sambar – lentil and veggie soup
Aviyal – mixed vegetables in coconut paste
Manga kootan (mango curry)
Kootu curry – mixed veggie stew
Pachadi – fried okra in yogurt
Puliinji – tamarind ginger chutney
Banana chips and jackfruit chips
White rice

Flowers for the host and flowers for the guests💐

A very special thank you to Babita for hosting this very special Vishu lunch 💕. Look forward to getting recipes from her coconut themed menu 😋.

Hope your’e having a fabulous April!

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  1. What a fun celebration with dear friends, Kalpana! Everything looks scrumptious and your pics with Babita, Swati, Basanthi and others look awesome! Love all the flowers! Happy Spring!!🌸🌼🌷🌹🌻🌺💐

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