Have you heard of Ixia?  It is a little flower bulb with flowers the size of a black bean, and it blooms in the spring just like freesias and daffodils.


And just like daffodils and freesias the bulb multiplies over time to form a large clump of delicate flowers.


Pea like flowers on long stems  

The leaves start off as tall slender blade like grass, with the flower buds at the tip of the grass.  When they are in bloom, the flowers open up into little lima bean sized flowers all clustered together like pea pods.  


The flowers come in mostly white, pale yellow, and shades of purple.


I first discovered Ixia in the spring of 2010, when I was at one of our local nurseries Yamagami’s Nursery

Yamagami’s Nursery had various pots on display with plants already planted in them, all arranged beautifully to give customers an idea of what one can do with pots.  

These tall little flowers were bouncing out of these pots and they caught my eye. They looked so perky and cheerful, and delicate and pretty.


I asked the nursery attendant if they had that plant for purchase.  She informed me that they were spring flowering bulbs and are only available for purchase in the fall.

 She told me the flower is called Ixia and suggested I come back in the fall when they will have the bulbs for purchase again.  


I didn’t forget! I liked these little flowers so much I made it a point to mark it on my calendar and went back months later in September to purchase these little bulbs.

I have planted Ixia bulbs in a few of my pots, and they are blooming now in April like all my other spring bulb flowers.  


Over the years they have multiplied generously, almost overcrowding their original pots. This has given me a chance to divide the bulbs and plant them in new pots so I can have more Ixia blooms in the spring.


Guess what?  Ixia is a native African flower just like freesias.  

Specifically it is native to South Africa, and it is also know as African corn lily or wand flower. Ixia bulbs prefer well-drained soil and a hot sunny spot. But I have found Ixia to do well in any conditions I plant them in – shady, sunny, in pots, and in the ground.


Personally I prefer Ixia in pots, as they look like they are leaping out towards the sunlight.  I did plant a few in the ground, but because they have very slim blade-like leaves and the flowers are dainty, they get lost in the landscape.


Ixia look fabulous in flower arrangements.  I used them for bouquets I made for a Spring Tea get together, and they looked wonderful.


Next time you are in the nursery in the fall timeframe, take a look at the bulb section and see if you can find Ixia.  You can also purchase these bulbs online.  


Ixia are wonderful, no fuss, small, hardy spring bulbs which will bloom and multiply over the years to provide a rather unexpected spring flower show.


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  1. Kalpana, l had not heard or seen the flower “Ixia” till l read it on your blog. Indeed very pleasing
    clusters of beautiful flowers on stalks. Your garden is already filled with various blooming flowers.
    As always, l enjoy reading all your posts. Excellent writing and beautiful photos.
    ❤️ Devi

  2. Kalps – Thanks for sharing this narrative about this ” Tiny ” flower with the brilliance of a Sunflower . I read these flowers belong to the Iris family and denote Happiness . Every flower has a hidden meaning .I found a website which gives the meaning of each and every flower . thanks for inspiring me to learn more . vinatha aunty

    1. Oh, I didn’t know Ixia denote happiness – makes sense though because they are such perky little flowers that it always makes me smile when I see them. Thanks for your comments Vinatha Mami.

  3. Wow!! Sign me up!! I’m going to mark my calendar as well so I don’t miss the Ixia timeframe! Beautiful flowers, that, they are!! Thanks, Kalpana, for another inspirational and informative post. I so love reading all about your garden and your escapades – the little tidbits of fun facts are precious! Your photos are also amazing – they definitely put a smile on my face!😍😊

    1. Hey Rose, so happy to know that you are enjoying all my blog posts! I try to make them interesting and fun and I love taking photos too. Now I have a place to share all this 🙂 The best part is knowing that these posts bring a smile, that is exactly my objective 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Kalpana Sheth – A wonderful blogger with her Surrey Farms.net – writes on a wide range of interesting topics from Floral Art to Fashion Trends … Illustrations are amazing with fabulous photos … She is so loving and giving just like her Mom, Raji and her aunts, Shashi and Uma .

    Every time i see a Tulip field, i think of Kalpana’s ever colorful personality .. Vinatha Mami

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