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Crisp Lettuce Salad with Candied Pecans and Feta Cheese

I had a delicious salad recently made by my friend Donna that was positively outstanding.  I love all salads, but once in a while it’s nice to have just a simple salad made with crisp lettuce tossed in a light vinaigrette.  This lettuce salad hit that craving for me. Continue reading Crisp Lettuce Salad with Candied Pecans and Feta Cheese

25 Days of Recipes, Posts & Stories. 2017

It’s December 1st! You know what that means? It’s the holiday season!!!  Christmas Eve, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, New Year, holiday parties, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas presents, Santa Claus, family gatherings, red, green, gold, silver, and everything shimmering and bright. This is what the holidays conjure up for me, and I absolutely love it. Love, love, love December! Continue reading 25 Days of Recipes, Posts & Stories. 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Share, share, share, is all we preached to our kids as they were growing up. Oh how we all disliked sharing when we were kids. I think my kids started to dislike that word too. Why do we have to share, it’s ours after all?  That’s a tough question to answer. Why indeed should we share? Because it makes the other person feel good? Seriously? As if a child cares at that young an age. Some qualities don’t always come naturally and have to be taught, sharing is one of those characteristics.

IMG_8076.jpg Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s Thanksgiving day after tomorrow and our family is in a mad rush to get all our ingredients for our dinner. This year is special because we haven’t been home for Thanksgiving in a while. Last year we celebrated Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara and had an amazing holiday there. The year before we celebrated Thanksgiving in Sonoma Wine Country where we had an outstanding time in this beautiful part of California. This year we decided to stay in town and celebrate this uniquely American holiday at home. This means an extra special vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner prepared by the entire family. Continue reading A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner

Celebrating Diwali with Family and Friends 2017

Last weekend we celebrated the Indian festival of Diwali with a big party for our family and close friends. On the agenda for the evening was fun, friends, family, food, and sparklers. I think we covered it all on this wonderful evening.  Here are some photos of this lively dinner celebrating Diwali. Continue reading Celebrating Diwali with Family and Friends 2017

Navratri Celebrations – 2017

We recently celebrated the Indian autumn festival of Navratri – a ten-day, nine-night festival celebrated every year between September – October.  Navratri is observed in various ways depending on what region of India one is from and is the most important Indian festival only second to Diwali. Navratri symbolizes the victory of positive energy over negativity

What is Navratri?

Navratri means ‘nine nights’ in Sanskrit; Nav meaning Nine and Ratri meaning nights. During these nine nights and ten days, the three forms of the goddess are invoked — Durga (the goddess of strength/ Mother earth/positive energy), Lakshmi (goddess of wealth and purity) and Saraswathi (goddess of wisdom, music, arts and knowledge). Navratri is at its core an art festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. Women and girls take a central stage at this festival, as this is a celebration of famine qualities such as dance, music, arts, nature and nurture.

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Afternoon Tea at Roli’s. A Menu Worth Replicating

My dear friend Roli invited the twins and I for afternoon tea over the summer to see her new home that she had just moved into. I was very happy for Roli and her family’s new dwelling and looked forward to spending an afternoon with her. The joy, the pride, the excitement of new beginnings, and memories to come in a new home is a feeling that is truly special.

For our afternoon tea get together Roli made the perfect combination of savories, sweets and treats.  Here is a look at Roli’s afternoon tea menu: Continue reading Afternoon Tea at Roli’s. A Menu Worth Replicating