Tea and Spring Garden Tour at Shalini’s

Hello and happy Friday! Today as part of my Friday Flowers I’d like to share pics of a lovely tea and garden tour I had at my dear friend Shalini’s place recently.

Seeing my good friend Shalini after a long hiatus 🥰

It was so great to see my dear friend Shalini after so long. We are talking I haven’t seen her since last August! We chat often and text often but we somehow had a hard time meeting up. She was visiting family in England, I went to Kenya to see family, I also got sick and didn’t see folks for a while, yada yada yada, you get the picture. Then this week we finally got a chance to meetup and hangout.

Tea and Garden Tour

It’s been too long since I’ve seen my friend Shalini. We finally made time to see each other and I stopped by her place and was treated to a beautiful afternoon tea 🌺🫖 .

Shalini, me and a relaxing afternoon spent together surrounded by beautiful flowers was truly soul satisfying ❤️. We chatted for hours, we had so much to catch up on 🥰 ❤️.

Shalini had made a delicious millet and kale salad and served it alongside teatime treats such as walnut bread, cheese board and fresh fruit. All tasted extra special served with tea made by a dear friend.

Spring Flower Decor 🌹

It was such a treat to walk in to Shalini’s home and see beautiful rose arrangements dotted all over the place. I felt like I was in a home from the English countryside. Bright yellow, red, peach, lavender, and purple roses displayed in lovely vases were glowing in her home. A bonanza for the eyes and senses.

Shalini’s Spring Garden Tour

After a relaxing tea we stepped out to tour Shalini’s charming springtime garden. Roses were blooming everywhere!

Her garden was looking glorious!! Absolutely gorgeous! I didn’t know which rose or flower was better than the next, just eye popping color everywhere. Beauty everywhere, I came at the right time.

Roses in all shades and colors. Bushes covered in buds and blooms, truly a beautiful sight to behold 🌹.

Geraniums, Lemons and More

In addition to roses Shalini’s garden was a show of vibrant geraniums and pelargoniums, clematis, honeysuckle, and a lemon tree dripping in lemons.

Color filled planting

This area in the garden was overflowing with blooms and looked like it could have been transplanted from the countryside in England.

A few roses to take home 💐🌹

Shalini graciously cut a bunch of roses for me to take home too 🥰.

My rose bouquet courtesy of Shalini 💐❤️

Beautiful Friend Beautiful Garden a Lovely Time ❤️🌺

I hope you enjoyed this colorful look at my friend Shalini’s garden. Special thank you to my friend for treating me to tea and a relaxing afternoon surrounded by beauty and heartfelt conversation ❤️🌹🌺.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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