Spring Time Dinner with Good Friends Stella and William

I had our dear friends William and Stella over for dinner last weekend, and what a wonderful evening it turned out to be 💕.

Good friends, good food and plenty of laughter

We made these dinner plans two months ago, and just like that time flew by and our dinner date finally arrived! We haven’t seen each other in ages since last October in fact when we were at their place for dinner.

We chat often but getting together proved difficult with our travel schedules. They went to Ghana, we went to Kenya, and our lives just got busy. It was so great to finally see each other and hangout over a relaxing dinner 🥰.

The Word of the Day was Svengali

Speaking of lots of laughter, I got a good laugh out of the word svengali. I thought it was an African word, Stella thought it sounded like an Indian word. But did you know it’s actually an English word? William introduced me to svengali 🤣 . Svengali actually describes a person. Do you know anyone who is a svengali 😃???

Flowers and decor

I had so much fun decorating for our dinner. Spring is in the air; candles and flowers were the decor of the night 💐, including the theme for my flower dress 🌺😁💃🏻.

On the menu

On the menu was a simple appetizer of cheese board accompanied by champagne from Korbel from one of our wine country trips.

Dinner was Moroccan spiced carrots and spring onions, mixed greens salad, and eggplant leek pasta with creamy burrata .

Finished off with dessert of poundcake with fruit compote and whipped cream, and tea.

Great make ahead menu

This is a fabulous make ahead menu. I made everything earlier in the day so I could relax in the evening. Cheese board, pasta, roasted veggies and the vinaigrette were all made way earlier in the day. Dessert was ready too and just had to be assembled later.

On the menu

Cheese Board
Wine pairing – Korbell Champagne
Moroccan Roasted Carrots and Spring Onions
Mixed Greens Salad with Pear White Balsamic Vinaigrette
Eggplant Leek Pasta with Burrata Cheese
Wine pairing – Husch Vineyards Pinot Noir
Pound cake with sweet wine fruit compote and whipped cream
Coffee and Tea

Good friends, good food and lots of laughter 💕 The perfect Saturday night at home 🥰

Have a fabulous week ahead!

8 thoughts on “Spring Time Dinner with Good Friends Stella and William”

  1. I’m catching up on my surrey farms posts😍. This looks like such a fun evening with dear friends. Your home is so inviting and cozy (as always) and the food looks colorful and delicious. Thank you for sharing ❤️

  2. Dear Team Sheth! What a beautiful evening with you! William and I had a wonderful time. Thanks for the amazing dinner, drinks and gifts. Another word that evening that isn’t new to us was twilly😍. A fun and memorable evening. Let’s see each other again soon. Sending you both much love ❤️

    Stella and William❤️

    1. Dear Stella and William. What a wonderful time we had spending time together 🥰. Happy to hear you enjoyed our evening and dinner all prepared with love ❤️. Let’s not wait too long to do this again! Loved learning about the new word sevengali 😁 and now I also know another new word – what twilly means!! Lots of love to you both. 💕

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