A March Spring Time Dinner at Pallavi and Parag’s

Last weekend we were invited to our friends Pallavi and Parag’s for a springtime dinner gathering of friends. Heading over to Pallavi and Parag’s is always a fun evening with good company and scrumptious dinner all prepared by Pallavi and her Mom. Pallavi and her Mom love to cook and they go all out to make the most delectable meal. This particular dinner coincidentally was on the Saturday of St. Patrick’s Day, and all the guests were wondering if that was the reason for the gathering. Not really, it was just a dinner to get a few friends together but Pallavi went along with it, “Sure, we can call it a St. Patrick’s Day dinner. We like to celebrate all festivals 😃.”  As expected this dinner was outstanding! Here is a look at what was on the menu for the evening.

A March Spring Time Dinner at Pallavi and Parag’s

Beetroot Cutlets (Jyoti)
Cheese platter (me)
Cabbage Carrot & Pepper Salad with Ginger Chili Peanut Buter Dressing (Girija)

Turnip subji – turnip curry  (Pallavi and Aunty)
Eggplant subji – eggplant curry  (Pallavi and Aunty)
Mustard Saag  – mustard greens curry (Pallavi and Aunty)
Cauliflower and Capsicum Curry (Roopa)
Methi Pakora Kadhi  – Fenugreek chickpea dumplings in yogurt broth  (Pallavi and Aunty)

Rasmalai – Cottage Cheese dumplings in sweetened milk (Divya)

Turnip sabji
Eggplant sabji
Mustard Greens sabji
Cauliflower curry
Methi Pakora Khadi

A delicious plate of delicacies!


There were so many vegetarian dishes made with a wide variety of vegetables and spices, that we had a dinner to delight the palate 😋😋😋.  When food is prepared with fresh ingredients, love and care, it is bound to taste amazing ❤️😋.  A very special thanks to Pallavi and her Mom Sarla Aunty for cooking all the delicious food for the evening.

Hanging out with Parag, Pallavi, and Sarla Aunty

Catching up with friends


 Time for dinner






The ladies got a wonderful treat when Pallavi showed us her sari purchases from her recent vacation in India

Saris in a rainbow of colors






Thank you Parag and Pallavi for hosting a lovely springtime dinner gathering 😘.

A perfect evening with dear friends.

6 thoughts on “A March Spring Time Dinner at Pallavi and Parag’s”

    1. Hello Shashi Chithi! I am always thinking of you! My Dad is here with me. I would love to catch up with you. Please drop me an email with your phone number so we can chat. I would love to talk to you.


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