Friday Flowers. Flowers in the Garden and Wedding in July

Hello and Happy Friday! Today I’d like to share pics of colour in July from a wedding I attended to flowers in the garden. July arrived ready to burst with colour and joy.

Wedding in July

Starting off my colourful pics with a wedding we attended in July of our good friends Babita and Shankar’s son. A beautiful South Bay wedding with the rolling hills as the backdrop.

Weddings are such joyful gatherings, an opportunity to meet people we haven’t seen in ages or even to spend joyful moments with friends we see often while celebrating two people coming together to pledge their love. Here are a few pics of friends at the wedding.

Nature inspired photo booth where our friends Basanthi and Vivek took a romantic pic ❤️

At the reception it was wonderful to wish the newly married couple all our best and spend an evening with dear friends, heartfelt laughter and conversation. Below are pics of friends enjoying a good time at the reception.

July in the Garden

Now on to flowers in the garden. After months of unseasonably cool temps July finally brought summer to the Bay Area. Temperatures rising into the 80s and 90s meant that a lot of flowers that were waiting for the heat just burst into bloom.

Roses, lilies, gladiolas, color color everywhere in the garden! Here is a look at colorful flowers in my garden.

Roses reblooming in July

Lilies in all colors and fragrance

Lilies burst into bloom in July. Asiatics in deep warm colors, fragrant orientals with giant blooms ready to be cut and enjoyed indoors to perfume the home.


Oh my! Gladiolas are so stately and come in the most gorgeous of color combinations! Such a treat in the summer garden. Some of my glads were taller than me!

Garden bouquets made with summer flowers

Hydrangeas, Call lilies and Mums too!

Hydrangeas pumped out giant blooms this year. Calla lilies in gorgeous mango colors, and mums are blooming too. Burgundy, orange, and plum, mums make me harken for fall.

July has been a joyful colorful month ❤️💐

Hope you had a fabulous July. Wishing you an awesome August!

Happy August Everyone!

9 thoughts on “Friday Flowers. Flowers in the Garden and Wedding in July”

  1. Wow..Dolly..the garden is do colourful…love all the flowers…looks like the garden is in full bloom this year.

    The wedding pictures remind me the fairy tale wedding last year..

    Missing you all

    1. Thank you Dorothy!! Ive had a bonanza of flowers this year in my summer garden it helps that our summer has been relatively mild 🙏🏻. Our Indian weddings are a rainbow of colorful attire – I love taking pics of everyone’s clothing at these weddings 😄

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