Freesias for Friends. Curbside Pickup

Good Friday to you all.  We have made it past week 2 of Stay at Home!  If the statistics modeling in other countries are correct, this is the way to flatten the curve and get back on track to living our lives. Let’s stay on course and get this C thing under control!  The only way our sacrifices will work is if we ALL do this together. So please, Stay at Home and don’t be tempted to meet with friends and family – we will have many joyous moments to do this later once we are out of the woods.  And believe me, I expect we will have more invitations for dinners, gatherings, and celebrations than we ever did before!!!  So please lets follow Social Distancing. We are in this together. Continue reading Freesias for Friends. Curbside Pickup

Indian Style Eggs & Parisian Style Sandwich

Good Thursday everyone. How is your week so far?  Quiet and calm? Our week started with everyone working from home and online schooling.  The kids are in a routine with their remote learning, although they did grumble that they didn’t like it. They miss school.  You know, the silver lining with this stay at home order is that now kids appreciate school a lot more 😀.  Even Hitesh had a few sighs of how he misses the social aspect and human touch that work provides.  Nonetheless we are staying put at home to ride this out. Continue reading Indian Style Eggs & Parisian Style Sandwich

Homemade Oat Milk

Oat milk is all the rage right now as an alternative to dairy milk, in fact it is so popular around here that many times when I try to pick it up at the grocery stores they are out of stock.  The first time I had oat milk was at a coffee shop in Healdsburg, California couple of years ago when we were on a Thanksgiving holiday in Sonoma Wine Country.  They were promoting oat milk and were offering a little discount if you gave it a try – and I did!  Imagine my surprise when the latte was as creamy as a regular milk latte and just as delicious. I was sold! Continue reading Homemade Oat Milk

Rose and Ginger Cupcakes

It was a gorgeous sunny day with blue skies and puffs of white clouds last week Thursday.  On that morning I had already gone on my walk, already spent time in my garden, and already prepared lunch for the family, and still had time on my hands, so I decided to bake.  With such a beautiful day in front of me, a spring inspired cupcake seemed very appealing.

Continue reading Rose and Ginger Cupcakes

Pink. The color of universal love of oneself and of others.

Good Friday to you all.  It looks like we’ve made it past week one of our “Stay at Home” mandates.   Things went pretty smoothly around here.  Even the chaos at the grocery stores have calmed down.  I went walking yesterday and saw more than the usual number of people walking and getting fresh air, all within the guidelines of “social distancing.”  Basically, people are being respectful of the guidelines set forth to help us all through these trying times.  It’s very reassuring to see. Continue reading Pink. The color of universal love of oneself and of others.

A Little bit of Sunshine

On day two of staying at home – on Tuesday, which was yesterday our gorgeous Bay Area weather, was back.  As if to remind us that all will be okay 🌞.  Mother nature is on our side.  All that sunshine was beckoning me to get out into my garden and I couldn’t hold back my excitement!  I took care of aphids that were showing up on my rose bushes, pruned flowers that were done blooming, and re-potted a couple of rose cuttings I had made.  Still have more work to do but cloudy skies and rain came back in the afternoon.  It was so awesome though to be outside and enjoy the fresh air! Continue reading A Little bit of Sunshine

Day 1 of Shelter in Place

Hello everyone, wishing you a good Tuesday.  I am hoping everyone is well and healthy and are ready to ride this wave out until we see rays of positive outcomes at the end of this “shelter in place”  “self quarantine” “stay at home” and “social distancing” mandate.  Speaking of words, I purposefully chose the title “Shelter in Place” as it sounds so much more gentle than the harsh “self quarantine.” Continue reading Day 1 of Shelter in Place

Solace and Serenity found in the Garden

It’s been a roller coaster of a weekend these past few days. Needless to say.  With so much uncertainty and new information coming our way on an hourly, almost minute by minute basis on the COVID-19 virus – it all seems so overwhelming and hard to comprehend at times.  I know all the extreme measures taken such as social distancing, school closures, restaurant and retail closures, and almost everything closing down for the next few weeks are all in an effort to keep us healthy and well, and my head understands the science and statistics behind it, but the heart makes me feel all-unnerving nonetheless.  All I wanted to do with all this happening is find comfort in my garden, but wouldn’t you know it, our weather decided to start raining out of the blue!  A whole month of dry sunny gorgeous weather and just when we are craving sunshine to cheer us up just a little, we got cloudy skies and lots of rain this past weekend. Continue reading Solace and Serenity found in the Garden

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