Cheesy Cauliflower Toast

I’ve probably mentioned this before, Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten is my all-time favorite celebrity chef!. I love watching her shows on Food Network.  Ina’s soothing voice, her serene kitchen, her use of all-natural ingredients, her adorable husband Jeffrey, I could go on about why I like Ina Garten.  I’ve also mentioned that though I love her recipes they do tend to be more meat heavy.  However that has never deterred me from making her recipes, I just improvise and omit the meat and substitute with something vegetarian.  This cauliflower toast on the other hand is one of Ina’s vegetarian recipes!  The moment I saw her making it on one of her newer episodes I knew I had to try it right away.  A gooey cheesy toast all topped with roasted cauliflower looked so good folks, that my mouth was salivating 😋!  Continue reading Cheesy Cauliflower Toast

Pistachio Ginger Ice Cream

Think vanilla ice cream with a ginger honey flavor and bits of roasted salted pistachios – yeah, that’s how I would describe this ice cream.  Just like having chocolate chip ice cream when you get bits of chocolate pieces, in this ice cream you get bits of crystalized ginger and nuts.  It’s clean no fuss flavors with a spicy ginger kick. Truth be told I’ve had this recipe in my mind forever!  But getting in the mood to make it is another story.   Finally its gotten hotter around here (if you consider 80s and low 90s hot) and a giant carton of cream waiting to be used is what motivated me to just make it!  An ice cream with my favorite ingredients –  pistachios, honey and crystalized ginger 😋! Continue reading Pistachio Ginger Ice Cream

Friday Flowers: July in the Garden

Hello and a good Friday to you all.  How was your week? I hope it was good and you are looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  Can you believe it’s going to be August already?  More than half the year is over! What a year 2020 has turned out to be!!  Never ever ever did I think 2020 would be the type of year we’ve had, never 🤔!  Goes to show you one never knows where life will take us. That’s why it’s so important to cherish the everyday, the predictable, the most ordinary of days.  Be it with nature, with family or with a friend;  just be in the moment, focus, and appreciate it all. Enjoy the present.  Continue reading Friday Flowers: July in the Garden

Caramelized Onion and Cheese Tart

A cheesy tart that highlights caramelized onions? What? I was so thrilled to see this recipe show up in my inbox! A delicious no-fuss tart made with caramelized onions and cheese – what can possibly go wrong with this winning combination? This recipe is for all you folks who love caramelized onions (Just like me and my daughter Rani) and are looking for ways to use this sweet oniony goodness. Continue reading Caramelized Onion and Cheese Tart

Curried Cauliflower Tomato Soup

You know summer is in full swing when Heirloom tomatoes show up at the markets and grocery stores.  Big juicy heirloom tomatoes in a variety of colors are a summertime luxury.  In this cauliflower soup to give it a summertime flair I thought I would make it this time with heirloom tomatoes. Continue reading Curried Cauliflower Tomato Soup

Orange Marmalade Ice Cream

An orange ice cream that is so easy to make that it requires just four ingredients – cream, honey, vanilla and orange marmalade.  You don’t even need the fresh orange fruit to make this creamy sweet treat.  Orange marmalade is what adds wonderful orange flavor along with delicious bits of orange peel that give the ice cream a bittersweet edge.  Honey is the sweetener of choice here and vanilla for that extra floral fragrance.  There really isn’t anything else to add. Give it a try! Continue reading Orange Marmalade Ice Cream

Kale and Shallot Quiche

This is one of those recipes that I whipped up on one of my lazy cooking days.  I was late getting dinner ready and needed to make something with minimal effort, and this kale and shallot quiche was the delicious result.  An easy and lazy recipe because I was so lazy that I didn’t even bother to use my hand blender to whip the eggs and cream together.  I just cooked the kale with shallots and garlic and then let it to cool for a few minutes.  Added in eggs, a splash of cream and shredded cheese. Then I mixed everything together with a fork and poured it into a readymade tart shell and baked.  Honestly, this is the easiest and laziest quiche I have ever made and surprisingly given my lack of usual fanfare it turned out delicious! Continue reading Kale and Shallot Quiche

Artichoke Kale Enchiladas

These are delicious enchiladas packed with good for you ingredients. Loaded with meaty artichokes, kale, and lots of flavor from cumin, onions, garlic, cilantro and gooey cheese, the end result is a happy song in your mouth type of Mexican dish 🎶🎶🎶.  The best part is it’s easy and delicious! Most of the ingredients are store bought and ready to go.  The enchilada sauce comes in a can by La Palma, but you can buy whichever brand you prefer.  The soft tacos are by Mission brand, and the only work is in the cutting of the veggies and assembling the enchiladas. Then all you do is bake, set the timer and forget about it!  Continue reading Artichoke Kale Enchiladas

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