Late Summer Tea with Friends

In late summer celebrating our friend Rose’s birthday is a wonderful treat especially when the three of us good friends meet for tea.

Tea with dear friends

When the three of us get together its always special . We exchange goodies usually flowers, plants and even fruits and veggies, we catch up on each other’s lives, share newsworthy stories, and sip tea over treats and savories. It’s that lovely gesture of sharing food and stories that we look forward to.

Our spread is always brimming with healthy goodness. On this late summer afternoon our tea time menu included treats made with produce and fruits from the late summer garden. Sandwiches made with heirloom tomatoes and homegrown cucumbers, homemade apple crisp, and lots of fresh fruit.

Late summer tea time menu

Tea sandwiches made with heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers on California black whole grain bread.
Warm pakoras (frozen and just popped in the oven to warm)
Fresh figs from Devi’s garden
Fresh cut mangoes
Apple crisp with whipped cream

An easy and delicious menu that anyone can put together for that special someone.

Happy September!
Wishing you a month of lots of produce, fruits, vegetables and sharing of nature’s bounty.

6 thoughts on “Late Summer Tea with Friends”

  1. A completely special bday celebration indeed, made more special with the presence of great friends and warm camaraderie. Of course, the delicious tea service along with the delectable tea sandwiches and fresh fruit just put everything over the top!!! Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon!🥰

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