Holiday Tea with Two Friends. 2018

I don’t know what it is about the holidays that makes me feel the urge to somehow cram seeing all my friends before the year is up, despite seeing them often and throughout the year.


Maybe it’s that I want to share the festive season and all the joy that comes with it, or maybe it’s that meeting up over the holidays has a certain charm that is hard to capture at other times of the year.


 Whatever the reason maybe, so here I was squeezing a quick tea with my friend Padmini before she left for Dallas to be with her family over the Christmas holidays. And since tea is fun with one more friend to share it with, I invited my friend Veena to join us too.

We squeezed this little holiday tea on a grey cloudy chilly Wednesday afternoon after I came home from picking up the twins from school at 4:30pm and before getting dinner ready at 6pm. Yeah, it was a quick tea get together.


With limited time to put together a few tea time treats, I turned to my go-to snacks  – frozen samosas, roasted nuts, and fresh fruit in season, along with sweets from a holiday goodie bag I had just received.


Padmini and Veena contributed to this teatime gathering with persimmon bread and lentil fritters accompanied with coconut peanut chutney.


The holidays are really all about getting together with friends and family, sharing treats, and having conversation over a warm cup of tea. And as this little holiday tea proved, it doesn’t take much to make any tea special, especially if it’s with those people whose company you enjoy  ☕️😊.

Come and share a pot of tea,
My home is warm and my friendship’s free.
by Emily Barnes

Holiday Tea with Two Friends

9 thoughts on “Holiday Tea with Two Friends. 2018”

  1. Looks like an absolutely perfect holiday tea time <3! I love the idea of bringing friends over to do tea. All the food you paired it with looks just delightful too 🙂 Happy holidays, Kalpana!

  2. Dolly, i had a small Get together with a special friend of mine. Her daughters are extraordinary and when i asked them during a Quiz Session, What do you like about the Xmas Holidays…? the younger girl hardly 8 years old responded” It is all about Giving. ” I was speech less. So Profound! See my profile photo – The kids and i

  3. What a special treat! “Come and share a pot of tea, my home is warm and my friendship’s free!”❤️. This quote is so YOU, Kalpana!🥰

    Thanks for sharing!😘

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