Mediterranean Style Afternoon Tea

Hi everyone. Looking for a creative idea for afternoon tea? Give this mediterranean style teatime spread a try. It’s cool, light, refreshing, and easy to put together.

Honestly, this is the easiest afternoon tea spread with the most spectacular of results. Give it a try!

About the menu

This amazing mediterranean inspired tea time menu is shared by my friend Radhika. She had invited me over for a birthday celebration tea in early July.

We sat in her charming garden and enjoyed this wonderful tapas style spread of salads, olives, jams and crackers. Accompanied by wine and tea, it was a wonderful afternoon treat.

What’s the secret for a stress free afternoon tea?

Folks, these days you can find the tastiest spreads, olives, cheeses, crackers, and even couscous salad, grilled peppers and hummus at the local grocery store.

The deli section are an undiscovered gem at the grocery store and many times overlooked. Pick up a wide variety of spreads, olives and salads and present them in beautiful platters and plates, and you have the makings of a very special afternoon treat for one or two or more of your friends.

Why wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas to use all our gorgeous dishes? Why not on a beautiful summer day? Plate them all up on beautiful dishes and it is sure to feel extra special.

Radhika’s Mediterranean Style Afternoon Tea Menu

Here is a look at my friend Radhika’s beautiful afternoon tea menu – mostly bought from the local deli at the grocery store and an item or two made by her. All presented in beautiful Moroccan bowls, porcelain teacups and ceramic platters.

Radhika’s Mediterranean Inspired Afternoon Tea Menu

Tomato and cucumber salad (just chop up the veggies, salt and pepper and parsley)
Roasted red pepper chutney
Roasted eggplant spread made by Radhika (can be bought in the deli too)
Crusty Baguette
Tea & wine

Hope this inspires you to do something special for yourself or a friend on a warm summer afternoon 🫖 💕

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