Afternoon Tea at Roli’s. A Menu Worth Replicating

My dear friend Roli invited the twins and I for afternoon tea over the summer to see her new home that she had just moved into. I was very happy for Roli and her family’s new dwelling and looked forward to spending an afternoon with her. The joy, the pride, the excitement of new beginnings, and memories to come in a new home is a feeling that is truly special.

For our afternoon tea get together Roli made the perfect combination of savories, sweets and treats.  Here is a look at Roli’s afternoon tea menu:

Afternoon Tea at Roli’s

Pesto tea sandwiches on whole wheat bread with avocado and bell peppers
Asparagus sautéed in olive oil with salt and pepper
Cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg spiced plum cake
Homemade lemonade
Black tea – Harney and Sons Paris Blend


This was a beautiful tea-time spread that was nutritious and delicious. Tea sandwiches made with whole wheat bread, pesto, and good for your veggies like bell peppers and avocado were outstanding.


Crisp asparagus sautéed to perfection in olive oil looked bright and beautiful and was deliciously good.


Spiced plum cake made by Roli’s daughter Pallavi with plums from their new home garden was generously jazzed up with cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg. The plum cake tasted positively divine 😋.



All this served with fresh lemonade for the kids, and black tea flavored with bergamot for Roli and myself was a very thoughtful afternoon libation that kept us satisfied all the way until dinnertime.

This menu is a wonderful way to serve a healthy, filling, and delectable tea spread that any guests will appreciate.


A very special thanks to my friend Roli for treating us to a heartwarming get together.


For your next lunch or tea gathering try this outstanding menu.  – It’s a menu worth replicating.




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