Spring Time Afternoon Tea with Friends

Good Thursday to you all. Let’s call this a Throwback Thursday type of post. Today I would like to share with you some pictures from an intimate tea I had with a couple of friends back in early March.

Meet more often with friends even over a simple tea

You see, earlier this year my friends Devi and Rose and I had been discussing making 2020 the year that we meet more often even if it was for a simple tea. I

n an effort to keep our new year’s resolution going Devi invited Rose and I for afternoon tea back in early March and the three of us met over tea and treats.

We talked about our families and exchanged stories and recipes and spent a lovely afternoon together.  It was also about the same time that information about the corona virus was in the news but not as serious as a topic as it became immediately after our get together; and we were all in lockdown.

As I look back at these cheerful pictures, it makes me smile and staying positive and looking forward to meeting with friends and family again one day soon. Until then here is a look at our simple pre-quarantine tea with friends.

Springtime Afternoon Tea with Friends Menu

Banana bread
Samosas and spiced nuts
Idlis – steamed semolina dumplings
Coconut chutneyand Carrot chutney
Fresh fruit

Banana bread
samosas and spiced cashews
Chutneys for idlis
Fresh fruit

Have a good day and be safe and stay healthy  💕.

18 thoughts on “Spring Time Afternoon Tea with Friends”

  1. Oh How things changed so fast! Hope you can continue to keep that resolution soon. Hope things get back to normal soon.

  2. I’ll take one samosa, please! I’m missing special gatherings with friends right now, so thank you for sharing your friend gathering and photos.

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