Diwali Tea with a Friend

An intimate tea with my best friend and Dad to celebrate Diwali. This truly was a magical afternoon,

Twenty twenty made it difficult for all of us to meet and get together for special occasions like we usually do, and Diwai is no exception. It was impossible for us to host a Diwali celebration for all the reasons the rest of the world is struggling with the onset of the pandemic.

A gift of fruits and friendship 🍎🍊🍌🥭🍍

But we were able to create a small bubble with select family and friends and that made it possible for us to celebrate holidays safely with our loved ones.

Teatime treats, snacks and savories

Sharing photos and stories

Pics at candlelight

Illuminating a very special Diwali diya

Selfies to remember a magical evening with my dear friend and Dad ❤️💙💕

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