Diwali Lunch with Shalini and Prasad 2020

With California on restricted socialization because of COVID it was hard for us to have a Diwali celebration like we do every year. But what’s Diwali without a friend or two to celebrate it with? With our pandemic bubble including our friends Shalini and Prasad it only seemed appropriate to celebrate with these two special friends. Here is a look at our modest Diwali celebration with lunch in our courtyard with good friends Shalini and Prasad.

Appetizers and drinks in the courtyard

Plenty of conversation and laughter to go around

Diwali lunch with Shalini and Prasad this year was truly special. With just our two families it was and intimate and beautiful Diwali celebration. I’m even liking these outdoor small gatherings!

Late lunch is served

Sundown and shawls

Selfies and pics to remember the evening

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