Tea with a Friend for Valentine’s Day. 2020

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? I hope it was relaxing and that you are ready for the week. For me it was a relatively quiet weekend.  Saturday was our normal day taking care of errands. On Sunday my twins were busy working on school projects and Hitesh was out of town on a business trip, thus freeing up my afternoon for tea with a friend. IMG_3686

It’s hard for friends who work to meet during the week, and most of them have busy weekends too because as we all know weekends is when errands and chores get done.  This past Sunday however my friend Radhika was free to stop by and it was the Sunday before Valentine’s week. You know what that means? We got to celebrate our friendship and Valentine’s Day together 💕.


I hadn’t seen my friend in months. To make our afternoon tea a little extra special I made an apple almond crumble to go along with an array of savory pastries.  And since it was a Valentine’s tea and we both LOVE the color red, all my plates and platters were in shades of guess what color? RED ❤️❣️!

Valentine’s Tea with a Friend Menu
Cheese Platter
Frozen pastries just popped in the oven before teatime
Fresh oranges
Apple Almond Crumble with Pecan Topping







Radhika gifted me a signed copy of her newly published book!  Titled Enterprise Block Chain Has Arrived it provides insights into how block chain technology is being embraced by companies to take their online transactions to the next level.

As we both LOVE flowers we even got to exchange a few blooms on this special occasion🌹💐❤️.  It was a perfect Sunday afternoon spent with a very dear friend.



Have a great week everybody!
Happy Valentine’s Week ❤️!

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