Holiday Tea at Devi’s

Earlier this week I stopped by my friend Devi’s home for a holiday tea to cheer her up and to get her mind off the pain she is still in from her knee-replacement surgery a few weeks ago.  My Dad and our mutual friend Rose joined me on this afternoon.  Rose and I were determined to get Devi into the holiday spirit and distract her from her discomfort even if it was just for a couple of hours. From the looks of it we accomplished our objective, as Devi seemed to be enjoying herself on this afternoon 😊😀.

As is typical of Devi she couldn’t help but lay out a delectable spread, despite recovering from her surgery. With an array of scrumptious pastries and appetizers to nosh on, it turned out to be a very festive gathering to celebrate the holidays and our very special friendship.


On the Menu:
Cocktail samosas
Semolina idlis
Savory Indian chickpea dumplings
Almond orange torte
Fresh fruit






Rose and I skipped lunch so we could enjoy this delectable spread 😋






It is the holidays after all, and the three of us have been exchanging presents for more years than I can count, and this year was just as special.



It is truly heart warming to spend an afternoon with close friends, tea, and conversation ☕️😊😍



11 thoughts on “Holiday Tea at Devi’s”

  1. Interesting to note that Ms. Devi could jump back into circulation after a major Knee Replacement Surgery … and fix such a High Tea for you all . What are Chickpea dumplings? Recipe please . Semolina Idlis ? That is also something i would like to try . Dad is completely at Home … with all your wonderful friends and Never ending parties ..Happy Holidays .

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  2. Many thanks for posting our annual Holiday tea !
    All the photos have come out so good ( the variety of food, gift packages and decor) and definitely looks so festive! Thanks again for making it happen and we will continue this tradition .

    Kalpana, you’re an amazing photographer as well as a writer. Even though I haven’t replied to your previous blogs , I thoroughly enjoy reading them.

    Keep up your great work.

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  3. Dear Kalpana, Thanks for making time and coming on Monday along with your Dad to cheer me up. It was so nice to see him, you and Rose and we had such a lovely afternoon with delicious snacks and dessert over chai. I appreciate your help in making chai.

    Many thanks for the gift which I have yet to open and also for buying the the oats. We always have such a good time during our get together and glad to continue this tradition. As always, I enjoyed being with my dear friends for life.

    Wishing you and your loved ones
    Happy Holidays!
    Love, Devi

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    1. Thank you Devi for hosting us despite your pain and discomfort. The idlis and samosas were delicious and your festive decorations for tea so lovely. I loved the Christmas teapot you had and it looks great in photos too. Feel better. Happy holidays to you and much love from me and my dad 💕❤️😘


  4. Yes, indeed, a truly festive and heartwarming afternoon spent with dear friends and scrumptious eats!! Thanks for chronicling our time together!🥰

    Enjoy the holidays!🎄

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