Holiday Lunch with Devi, Del & Rose 2019

Happy Saturday!

Looking forward to a fun weekend? How was your week?  This past week has been rather cloudy and dreary around here, no matter though because I got to spend a fun afternoon earlier this week at a gift exchange party, and a cheerful afternoon yesterday with my good friends Devi, Del and Rose. What a fun afternoon seeing my dear friends turned out to be!


I haven’t seen my friend Devi in months, and meeting her was high overdue!


Del her husband broke his foot back in October climbing a ladder to pick figs for all his friends.  You’ve heard of the saying “No good deed goes unpunished,” that’s how I felt when I heard about Del’s accident 😞.  Poor guy was trying to do a good thing for his friends and had an unfortunate accident. He underwent a 6-hour surgery for his broken foot and a 6-week recovery period, and is still in a cast. His recovery will take a few more months and as you can expect my friend Devi has been very busy taking care of him, hence no opportunity for us to meet until now. My friend Rose and I were so happy to finally spend a relaxing afternoon with these two 😍❤️❤️.



On the menu on this afternoon was our go-to Indian vegetarian lunch that we prepare when the three of us get together.  Devi always makes steamed idlis and coconut chutney, I make a lentil and veggie soup called sambhar, and Rose makes dessert.  Here is a look at our simple yet scrumptious lunch menu.


Holiday Indian Vegetarian Lunch Menu.

Idlis – steamed semolina dumplings– Devi
Carrot coconut Chutney – Devi
Vadas – lentil fritters made by my friend Lakshmi earlier that I brought for lunch
Sambhar – veggie and lentil soup – Me
Almond orange torte – Rose
Cranberry scones– Rose
Ginger tea– Me



Vadas – lentil fritters
Sambhar – Veggie and lentil soup
Cranberry scones
Almond orange torte

Came home with a basket full of goodies and presents! I’m like a kid when it comes to presents 😜🥰.  I love this time of year🎄🎁😀.

Have a great weekend everybody!

11 thoughts on “Holiday Lunch with Devi, Del & Rose 2019”

    1. Del is definitely doing better, he is 80 and before the accident walked every single day and is a life long vegetarian. Devi his wife cooks every meal extremely healhty at home – I think this has helped Del recover much faster for his age.

  1. Dear Kalpana, Thanks for posting our nice get together luncheon yesterday afternoon after such a long time. You take great photos and everyone is looking good!

    It was a wonderful lunch and your sambhar was very tasty and delicious!
    We will definitely not wait too long for our next gathering. Enjoy your holidays with your family and loved ones and have a Happy New Year!

    Have a wonderful weekend!😀 Devi

    1. Thank you for a wonderful lunch! It was great to catch up with you and to see Del recovering. Everything was delicious and I loved the decor it looked so festive! Let’s not wait so long meet next time! See you in the new year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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