Fresh Ginger Honey Black Tea

Ginger honey tea is nothing new to many of us as this soothing drink is a go-to warming tea and the perfect drink to relieve a sore throat when we have a cold or a flu.  This ginger honey tea recipe on the other hand is for a ginger honey tea made with black tea and milk. Honey sweet, gingery spicy; with the pick me up of black tea that is made all creamy with whole milk, you might as well call this a ginger honey dessert tea!


This is a wonderful recipe I learnt from my Aunty Shashi who visited me here in Northern California recently.  She asked me to make her a good cup of tea one afternoon, the type of black tea that is made like chai where tealeaves are boiled together with milk and sugar.  For her variation she asked that I brew the tea with lots of fresh ginger.  I then added milk and brought the tea to a boil.  The honey goes in last in individual mugs before the tea is strained. In this tea its okay to go heavy on the honey, the sweeter the better!

For the tea to taste stupendous it has to be made with fresh ginger, powdered ginger just wont do this time.  As for the ginger, you want to be generous with the fresh ginger.  Its the unmistakable fresh ginger fragrance that can only come from a generous amount of fresh grated ginger and that warming sensation in the throat that ginger partakes off that you want.


On the topic of fresh ginger, Shashi Aunty commented that my ginger tea had a much stronger ginger flavor than what she makes back home, and observed that I grated/crushed my ginger while she always added sliced ginger in her tea.  Crushing or grating the ginger gives off so much more ginger flavor, so go ahead and use a mortar and pistil to get a nice juicy ginger meal or grate it for that extra strong boost of ginger flavor.   Oh, and no need to remove the skin either, grate or crush the fresh ginger skin and all!


No cardamom, nutmeg, or cinnamon as is usually added in a traditional chai, just the pure simple flavors of fresh ginger, black tea, milk, and honey.  Give it a try!


Fresh Ginger Honey Black Tea
makes 2 mugs of tea


  • 2 tsp black tea preferably loose leaf tea
  • 2 1/2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup whole milk
  • A generous piece of ginger – about 2-3 inches.  Grate or crush the ginger with the skin on.
  • Honey to taste


  • Boil the water in a pot with the fresh ginger.  Onc the water comes to a boil you should start to smell the fragrance of fresh ginger, add the tealeaves and ontinue to boil the brew for 1-2 minutes until you the black tea releases its color and flavor.



  • Next add the milk and bring to a boil.  You want a lovely pale brown color to the brew.


  •  Note:  If gets too dark add more milk and it’s too light add 1 more tsp of tealeaves.  Once the tea starts boiling with milk turn the stove off.  Get ready to strain the tea.


  • In two mugs add a generous amount of honey – 2 to 3 tsp honey makes a sweet tea drink!  Next strain the tea into the mugs and stir to dissolve the honey.




  • Serve steaming hot ginger honey black tea and feel the ginger warm your throat and the honey sweeten you palate 😋☕️.


13 thoughts on “Fresh Ginger Honey Black Tea”

  1. Believe it or not , my daughter Dharini makes the Best Ginger Tea and She has trained her Nanny in this Fine Art of Indian Chai making … A Million Bucks Tea . No more Cardamom Tea … Dharini buys the Ginger from the Indian Store … This is not a Dried up Ginger from your Grocery Store …. This is Wet Ginger with very Thin Skins and a little pinkish in color too . I don’t need any sweeteners including Honey because the secret Sweetener is my daughter’s Unconditional Love !!!!

    1. Hi Maria, you bring up a good point about using the skin of ginger, we do remove the skin of the ginger when using it in curry and stews because the skin is tough and we want the ginger to get soft in with the veggies,but when making tea since we strain the tea and ginger anyway we use the tough skin. Hope this helps, and I would love to hear how you like this ginger honey black tea! Have a great weekend Maria!😘

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