A Drive Through Blossom Trail in Fresno County, California

Blossom Trail is an area in Fresno County’s farm land where thousands of stone fruit trees such as peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots are grown in addition to almond and walnut trees. I’ve wanted to check out Blossom Trail for over two years now. I finally made it out there this past President’s day weekend with the family.


Early spring flowering fruit tree orchards

What makes this day trip rather unusual is that it’s not made in the summer when the fruits are ripe for the picking but rather in early spring when the fruit trees burst into spectacular blooms.


These fruit and nut trees number in the thousands and are all covered in white, mauve, light pink and dark pink blossoms, rivaling any Japanese garden or Washington D.C.’s cherry blossom show. Here is a look at our day trip to Blossom Trail in Fresno County, California.


On the road to Blossom Trail

Passing through farms and blooming almond and apple orchards


Blossom Trail. Almond and apple trees in bloom.


Helping pollinators🐝🐝🐝


Girls enjoying the blossoms 🌸🌸🌸


Drove by Orange Blossom Trail. Orange groves dripping with juicy oranges.


Loads of oranges on the floor just rotting away.  I had to pick them up.


I couldn’t resist picking one off the tree. Oops got caught on camera ☺️


The oranges I picked were dark burgundy blood oranges!!


 Vogue- inspired photo shoot 😀😀

IMG_4588 (1)
Rani sewed this dress just for our Blossom Trail trip
Hitesh took this shot when I wasn’t looking. My family is always perplexed why leaves and petals seem to find their way into my hair 😀😀.  I tell them flowers and leaves know how much I love them 😍🌸🌼🌿🍃.

A few selfies

Heading home at sunset

A spectacular Blossom Trail day trip. 🌸🌸🌸


We went rather early in the season hence the only trees in bloom were almond and apple trees. To experience gorgeous pink blossoms of peach, nectarine, and apricot trees stop by in a couple of weeks in early March when thousands of stone fruit trees will be in   full bloom like in the photo below.


Not a tourist destination but rather a drive through experience

On a cautionary note, this is not a touristy trip at all, but rather a very rustic explore on your own type of excursion.  Just stop off the road on Blossom Trail where you see loads of blooming trees and take photos to your hearts content ❤️🌸🌸.  I wish I had taken a couple of picnic blankets and a picnic hamper, I would have loved to lay down under the canopy of these spectacular blossoms.


Go Fresno Blossom Trail Map

If you plan on making a trip out to Blossom Trail in Fresno County take a look at this link which provides daily updates on the status of the various fruit trees in bloom  Go Fresno County Blossom Trail.  


The town that has a Blossom Trail road with signs to help visitors is called Sanger, California.  Another great article that provides easy to follow tips to enjoy this wonderful fruit blossom drive is Fresno Blossom Trail on tripsavvy.com.


A Spectacular Drive Through Fruit Blossom Trail in Fresno County, California.


Cherry Blossom Wine?

Coincidentally my friend Iya just gave me two empty wine bottles as I still have lemons and I need more bottles to make lemonade syrup and I thought let me recycle a few wine bottles especially the ones with screw tops. Guess what? They have cherry blossoms on them!

I couldn’t get over the serendipitous nature of it, especially right after my Blossom Trail trip. Making more lemonade syrup now to fill in these beautiful bottles 🌸🍾.


Valley of Heart’s Delight: 

For those of us who live in the Bay Area if you would like to read a beautiful nostalgic look at the orchards that grew in abundance in our area before we became Silicon Valley take a look at this blog post by Tonytomeo Never Forget the Valley of Heart’s Delight.

Happy Early Spring!

22 thoughts on “A Drive Through Blossom Trail in Fresno County, California”

  1. I have never heard of the blossom trail, but I do enjoy springtime here, with all the fruit trees in bloom. It’s spectacular, just like your photos! That looks like a day to remember! Rani’s dress is very beautiful.

    1. This area is an un -discovered treasure for cherry blossom style displays in California. I only found out about it from my daughter’s friend’s father who was casualy mentioning that he was making a day trip to Fresno, who makes a touristy trip to Fresno? – until then I didnt know we had such beautiful display of cherry blossom style blossoms in California! This truly was a spectacular trip, I hope to go a little later next year so I can see thousands of pink blossom trees in bloom. Rani is a seamstress and loves to sew her own clothes, fancy ones at that. She wishes she was born in another era when people got dressed up three times a day like in Downtown Abbey 😀. Thank you for you comments.

      1. I had no idea about the cherry blossoms in Fresno. It’s not the picture of Fresno I have in my head. Lol. My daughter’s father lives a few hours away, in spring time I always take the backroads, to enjoy the fruit trees in bloom. It feels so good to be surrounded with beauty like that. I can tell that Rani is talented. The dress is beautiful! Have a wonderful day ☀️

  2. Absolutely breathtaking! Girls and the blossoms! All of you look very beautiful! Cannot believe that blood red oranges have that rich red color!
    Thanks for the beautiful post. Did not know this place existed close to us!

    1. Thanks Basanthi! I know, the blood orange color is unreal isn’t it? Even I was unaware of this Blossom Trail, I can thank Anjali’s friend’s father for this discovery! So happy you enjoyed the pictures!

  3. Thanks so much for posting this, along with your beautiful photos. My son moved to Fresno last year to accept a job at Fresno State. He’s still finding his way around, so this is great information I’ll send to him.

    1. Oh how timely this post must be! Congratulations to your son on his new job. He will love the Fresno area in the spring when all the fruit trees burst into bloom. I’m so happy you found this post helpful!

      1. I can not remember it, but the remnants of orchard that I can remember really were gorgeous, and magical to us kids. The aroma of the fruit in summer was something we can never forget. The bloom were like a fantasy. I remember cars going down Winchester Boulevard or Campbell Avenue or any of the rural roads (there were not many cars on Campbell Avenue) with petals swirling like confetti in the turbulence behind them. Okay, I am going off on a rant. You might find this interesting.

        1. I checked out your link. What a lovely post you have! I love the name The Valley of Hearts Delight. I am familiar with this term as I did a story on Mariani’s Cherry Orchard in Morgan Hill last summer and read an article in an old issue of Gourmet Magazine that referenced our area as The Valley of Hearts Delight. https://surreyfarms.net/2017/07/01/cherry-picking-at-andys-orchard-in-morgan-hill-california/ That article was my first introduction to this lovely name for our area.

          1. It was so excellent when I was a kid that I can not imagine how excellent it was for earlier generations. My Pa remembers when Sunnyvale was a small town! When my parents moved to Monte Sereno, it was because it was so affordable relative to Mountain View.

  4. It’s amazing! You are having such beautiful weather over in California! Here in Sicily we had a spring-like January, now it’s raining cats and dogs and we are expecting the Siberian wind from tomorrow.

    1. Thank you Rose! I know aren’t the blossoms spectacular? I would like to go a little later in a couple of weeks so we can see the gorgeous pink fruit blossoms in bloom in the thousands 🌺. So glad you enjoyd the photos❤️💕

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