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Hello Orange Season 🍊

Oh how I love orange season in the winter. Vibrant oranges add a welcome burst of color to any winter time kitchen. And how about that burst of zingy citrus flavor? Just fabulous! If you are brimming with bowls of oranges and looking for creative ways to use this favorite fruit of many give these recipes a try. They are easy, delicious and best of all I’ve made them all and they are always a hit.

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Friday Funnies

Winter is back in full swing around here and it’s been cold, rainy, and cloudy. When the weather is wintery like this I really miss gardening, and to make up for it my kitchen usually looks like a greenhouse 🍃🍀☘️🌿🌺💐😊. I bring cuttings indoors and purchase potted flowering plants to enjoy inside as well. That’s why when I saw this image on Instagram I could totally relate and had to share 😃.

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Pasta with Charred Brussels Sprouts in Goat Cheese Sauce

Looking for a different take on pasta? Give this charred Brussels sprouts pasta with goat cheese sauce a try. Its easy, quick and delicious. In as little as 30 minutes you have a veggie packed creamy pasta that is satisfying, delicious and healthy. Give it a try!

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