Chocolat Chaud. French Hot Chocolate

French hot chocolate also known as chocolat chaud is a decadently rich, thick and creamy chocolate drink. Folks this is the thickest hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted. It’s so thick that the whipped cream just sat on top of the drink.

About the recipe

Made by my daughter’s fiance – Pranav, this hot chocolate was truly so thick and rich that it became the perfect substitute for dessert. The cool thing with this recipe is that it can be served hot or cold. And even better news is that a little shot of this hot chocolate is all you need to satisfy your chocolate AND dessert craving.

Don’t ask me how Pranav found this recipe from thousands of videos on Youtube, but he did! And he found a good one too. With just whole milk, dark chocolate, and brown sugar you get this rich thick and creamy hot chocolate good enough to be from any French patisserie.

This phenomenal recipe is shared on Youtube by “Not another cooking show.” and the episode is titled “Perfect hot chocolate 7 ways from around the world.” The recipe is very straightforward – bring milk to a low simmer, add the chopped chocolate and brown sugar and whisk together until chocolate is all melted and creamy. Chocolate Chaud is ready. Give it a try!

Chocolat Chaud. French Hot Chocolate
from Not Another Cooking Show on Youtube


1 1/2 cups whole milk
3oz dark chocolate bar finely chopped – 70% bittersweet dark chocolate
1 tbsp brown sugar
pinch of salt
Heavy whipping cream for garnish. Whip until thick and creamy and set aside in the fridge.


Bring milk to just below boiling so its nice and hot.

Add the bittersweet chocolate and whisk in until its melted. Remove from the stove and add the brown sugar and salt and keep whisking for 2-3 minutes until its the drink consistency you want.

Pour into a cup and top with whipped cream. Dust with cocoa powder and serve immediately.

Have a great weekend 💕!

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