Asian Inspired Valentine’s Vegetarian Menu. 2019

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day yesterday 💕❤️!  Ours was spent at home with the twins.

It was a rainy, stormy V Day here in the Bay Area.

My eldest was at her company’s sales conference in Half Moon Bay so it was just the four of us.   I was so happy to be at home and not going out for dinner.  Instead we made a special Asian inspired dinner. 

Usually I have my act together for Valentine’s Day with a menu all prepared so that when the kids and Hitesh come home they have a special menu waiting and ready. But this time I was in a culinary slump 😞.

Twins to the rescue

My mind was blank and I just couldn’t come up with a cool menu for this special day.  Thankfully my twins came to the rescue!!  


Since they were home this week for Ski week holiday break, they stepped up to make our family’s Valentine’s Day dinner.  What better Valentine’s present can a Mom ask for? A home cooked meal made with love by her kids 🤗😍.


A light and healthy vegetarian dinner is what the twins had in mind – the irony wasn’t lost on me😀😋.  We had an Asian-inspired dinner chock full of vegetables 🍜.  Here is what was on our 2019 Valentine’s Day stay at home Menu.

Valentine’s Day Stay at Home Vegetarian Menu. 2019

Szechuan style green beans on
Vegetarian Japanese Udon Noodle Soup on
The best and easiest molten lava chocolate cake on
Wine and cold milk


Valentine’s Day Flowers ❤️💕💐🌷🌹

It was a beautiful day yesterday despite the rainy stormy weather, all I could see were flowers, flowers, and more flowers at the grocery stores. I had a hard time deciding what to get for whom 😬😀❤️💕!!  

Here are a few pictures of the most decadent, glorious, gorgeous, beautiful flowers on this Valentines Day.

Delivering azaleas, gladiolas and tulips for friends. 


I went a little crazy and bought a bunch of tulips for myself! 😜😜😍🌷🌷


Few of my dear friends dropped off the most thoughtful flowers, chocolates and cake this Valentine’s Day 🌹😘.

IMG_0889 (1)

What’s Valentine’s Day without roses? Our guy brought for his four gals (wife, and three daughters) gorgeous red roses on this special day. 🌹❤️💙💕💜😍


We ended the night with the girls watching Mama Mia to the chagrin of Hitesh 🙄😬. The things we do for love 😀😃💕💙.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! ❤️


14 thoughts on “Asian Inspired Valentine’s Vegetarian Menu. 2019”

  1. Such a sweet Valentine’s present! Thank you for the azalea plant!!😀😘

    Btw, I looove your homemade thank you card!❤️. So very creative of you and, of course, your photography is the best!!

  2. Dear Kalpana, Thank you so much for the beautiful tulips bouquet you delivered in person for Valentine’s Day! You really made my day and I simply can’t tell you how very thoughtful, kind and generous you are! Since there are 2dozen tulips I arranged them in two vases and they look so beautiful and pleasing with gorgeous color.

    Thank you once again for your caring and loving friendship which I cherish always!

    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and a great weekend!

  3. Wow!!! They did a tremendous job- how special, and a memorable Valentine’s Day for sure! And those flowers are just soo beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Kalpana!!

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