Vegetarian Menu Celebrating Love. Happy Valentine’s Day! 2016

Years ago in the early days of our marriage Hitesh would take me out every year for a Valentine’s Day dinner.  I expected it. After a few years of following this tradition I noticed something – Valentine’s Day second only to Mother’s Day is the busiest day to go out for dinner.  The restaurants are crazy packed.  Not only are the restaurants swimming with customers, the wait staff is working extra hard, the kitchen staff seems overwhelmed, and there is a constant stream of new customers impatiently waiting to be seated.  Restaurants want you to eat and leave so they can seat the next batch of customers, no leisurely romantic dinner on this evening. It can be pretty chaotic.  So I decided a while ago that while yes, I still want my flowers, and yes, I still want my fancy restaurant dinner – but the restaurant dinner I can take a rain check on for another day.  Instead, I will make a special dinner at home for all of us to enjoy and relax in the comforts of our own home.  This way the whole family gets to be part of the Valentine’s Day dinner.

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday this year.  It’s on the weekend! Which means we have time to prepare a great meal and sit down for a relaxing dinner with the entire family. Here is what I have planned for this year’s Valentine’s Day menu.  Since it does fall on a Sunday, I have time to prep and shop for ingredients on Saturday, and I can get the whole family involved in helping.  The kids asked that there be something red on the menu and Hitesh wants something healthy (what I have in mind takes care of both these criteria).  It is Valentine’s Day after all, so the meal has to be extra special and must include dessert!   The menu is simple, how much can 2 adults and 2 kids eat?

Valentine’s Day Menu:

Tossed Green Salad with Pears, Walnuts and Gorgonzola.
With honey vinegar dressing

Stuffed Red Peppers
With spiced quinoa and Parmesan

Cardamom & Saffron Chocolate Truffles
With Vanilla Ice cream 





Happy Valentine’s Day!


Want to go out and do something special this Valentine’s Day? Check out this romantic musical concert benefiting the Chennai flood victims and their restoration efforts.  It’s a great time for a great cause!  Here is a link for more info and a copy of the flyer for more information



The IIT Madras Alumni Association is hosting a fundraiser concert to raise funds to help victims of Chennai Floods. While the Rescue & Relief efforts have been completed, the major task of Rebuilding & Rehabilitation of families, homes, and schools, specifically serving the underprivileged, has a long way to go. Support these efforts by attending this concert with a very special ensemble of artists. Proceeds from this concert will go towards flood vitims and the rebuilding efforts in Chennai.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

7 thoughts on “Vegetarian Menu Celebrating Love. Happy Valentine’s Day! 2016”

  1. Loved your idea of enjoying a nice Valentines’s meal with loved ones in the warmth of your own home, rather than being rushed at restaurants. And what a sweet and simple, yet quite mouth-watering menu to celebrate this beautful occasion.

  2. Smart – red bell peppers for Valentine’s Day dinner! Also smart not to go out for dinner – we went to Thali in Dublin with the extended family with Mom, sister’s family and the rest of us and it was a mad house! But we enjoyed basking in the family love for each other since that’s what V-day is all about anyways!!
    Love your blog by the way!

    1. Welcome Pallavi! Please pass this blog to your Mom, I was thinking of her a lot and didnt have her email address. I think she will enjoy the stories. Love to all!

  3. Valentine dinner menu looks delicious! Happy Valentine’s Day dinner! Enjoy it with your family. Will wait for the recipes!

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