Calero Trail on a Cool Sunny February

It was a gorgeous February day when we went on a hike at the beautiful Calero Trail in the South Bay last week.

Calero Reservoir Trail

My friend Padmini and I like to hike Calero Reservoir trail on days when we want a good hike without the crazy steep hills and rocky terrain. This trail is a perfect balance of flat pathways combined with gradual climbs to provide a good solid workout.

Cool February Hike

It was sunny, in the 60s and very windy last Wednesday when we went for an afternoon hike. The windshield made the temperature feel more like the 50s. With noses dripping from the chilly air, hair and baseball caps flying from the wind, we got in our five mile hike and made it back for afternoon coffee.


On days when we want a moderate hike out in nature Calero trail in the South Bay is just perfect. Between the rolling hills, the cows grazing, and the giant oak trees flanking the trail, this can be a very meditative hike.

Take a look at this link for more information on Calero County Park trail

Have a fabulous week everyone!
Stay warm and safe 💕!

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