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A Craving for Flowers. Fun Few Books on Flowers

I love flowers. Love, love, love them. If I could, I would eat flowers for dessert and live in a greenhouse surrounded by them. Sometimes I actually crave flowers. A craving for their lovely colors, textures, fragrance, and myriad flowerfull  beauty. I especially crave flowers in the winter and early spring when my garden is still half-dormant. When I get a flower craving what I turn to are my books on flowers and gardening. Continue reading A Craving for Flowers. Fun Few Books on Flowers

Gray Mountain, by John Grisham

It’s chilly and dreary in Los Gatos, California – what? You say? In sunny California? Yes! It is winter after all.  I see grey clouds today as we are expecting another bout of rain.  A perfect day to read a book with a hot cup of tea. Speaking of grey and book, here is a suggestion for a good read – Gray Mountain, by John Grisham. Hitesh recommended I read this book, but then he is a big fan of John Grisham.  He has read every single book John Grisham has ever written. He said he likes Grisham’s style of writing because “he has a dry sense of humor and wit.”  I have read a few of Grisham’s books but they have been a hit or miss for me. In one of the stories I was just not happy with the ending and that turned me off from reading a few of his newer books after that. So I wasn’t sure about this one.  As I told Hitesh, “In the past I wasted my time reading the entire book only to be disappointed in the ending.”  To which his reply was read at your own risk; he liked this book, and now I can decide if I wanted to read it or not. Continue reading Gray Mountain, by John Grisham